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Artist Looking At Art –Jenelle Esparza

San Antonio's Fiunding For The Creation of 'Vessels'

McNay Museum Educator for Family Experiences and accomplished artist, Jenelle Esparza, is featured in the latest Artists Looking at Art (ALA), a series created to salute the vitality of the contemporary art community in the San Antonio area.

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The Ensemble Theatre Honored With The Theatre Longevity Award At National Black Film Theatre Festival

The Ensemble Theatre has long been a center for the history, culture, and artistic expression of African American theatre arts in the City of Houston. Founded by George Hawkins in 1976, The Ensemble Theatre has grown to become a beacon of Black excellence and a focal point of Black history in the making, not only in the City of Houston, but across the Nation. That is the very legacy that was awarded at this year’s 2022 National Black Theatre Festival.

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Proposed TDP Rules Amendment: Makes Precinct Chairs Automatic State Convention Delegates Starting in 2024

Next week, when we meet in Dallas for this year’s Texas Democratic Party Convention, I will be circulating a petition to collect signatures to amend the State Party rules to make Precinct Chairs automatic delegates to State Party Conventions beginning in 2024.

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HCDE releases 2022-2023 comprehensive school calendar for 25 Harris County districts

Key dates for the 2022-2023 school year for each of the 25 school districts in Harris County are available on the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) comprehensive school district calendar.

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BUSINESS: McConnell Jones – Celebrates 35th Year

Company Business Principals Founded On Diverse Thinking – Unique Perspective

Many things have changed in the past 35 years. Smartphones, Zoom meetings, and streaming television have traversed from fantasy to essentials in our daily lives. When Wayne McConnell sat down at his kitchen table in the Summer of 1987 to create an accounting firm, he could not fathom the world—or the firm—today.

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Houston Health Department Receives CDC Center Of Excellence Designation

This week, Mayor Sylvester Turner, the Houston Health Department’s Stephen Williams, director, and Dr. Loren Hopkins, PhD, chief environmental science officer, Houston Public Works, and Rice University announced some good news for hard work during COVID.

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Complete Communities University Leadership Training Promotes Civic Engagement

Emerging Leaders Invited To Apply For Fall 2022 Courses - Link Below

The Department of Neighborhoods (DON) invites Houston residents committed to making a positive impact in their communities to apply for Fall 2022 Complete Communities University (CCU) leadership training. The 8-week course will run September 21 – November 9. The classes will be held online via Microsoft Teams and in person on Wednesday evenings, 6-8:30 p.m. The application deadline is August 31, 2022.

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A Celebration of Club Music...Beyonce' Renaissance

Unique, strong, and sexy—that’s how Beyoncé wants you to feel while listening to RENAISSANCE. Crafted during the grips of the pandemic, her seventh solo album is a celebration of freedom and a complete immersion into house and dance that serves as the perfect sound bed for themes of liberation, release, self-assuredness, and unfiltered confidence across its 16 tracks. RENAISSANCE is playful and energetic in a way that captures that Friday-night, just-got-paid, anything-can-happen feeling, underscored by reiterated appeals to unyoke yourself from the weight of others’ expectations and revel in the totality of who you are.

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Family Of 11-Year-Old Boy Attacked By Police At State Fair Believe His Civil Rights Were Violated

Police brutality has become a thing that many Black and Brown people have sadly come to expect will happen, or at the very least prepare for it just in case.

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“House Party: The LeBron James Version” Might Never Drop Following HBO Max Cuts

The global pandemic left us without many of the things we took for granted prior to March 2020, including indoor dining, dancing in close quarters at hole-in-the-wall nightclubs and, for the film buffs out there, Friday nights at the movie theater.

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