What Happens If Uber Loses London for Good?

As if Uber's new CEO didn't already have his work cut out for him, now he has to deal with losing one of the company's biggest markets. On Friday, London's transport authority said Uber is not "fit and proper" to ...

Fears Bali Volcano Is About to Erupt

Thousands of people on the Indonesian island of Bali have been evacuated amid fears volcano Mount Agung could erupt for the first time in over 50 years.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Calls Snap Election

Japanese leader Shinzo Abe has called an early election as he seeks to take advantage of higher opinion polls to secure a third consecutive term as prime minister.

Far-right Party AfD in Disarray a Day After Historic German Election Result

The leadership of the hardline Alternative for Germany party was in disarray Friday, a day after its historic breakthrough in the German elections delivered a stinging blow to Chancellor Angela Merkel's authority.

Where Are the World's Nuclear Weapons?

Nine nuclear-capable states exist in the world, but only eight of them -- all but North Korea -- are believed by experts to have weapons mature and developed enough to be readily incorporated into the arsenals of their armed forces.

Soon All of Hong Kong's Dolphins Will Be Dead

A near constant wind buffets the top deck of Boat 36826 as it patrols the seas north of Hong Kong's largest island, Lantau.

Iraqi Kurds Cast Their Votes in Historic Referendum

raqi Kurds have started casting their ballots in a controversial independence referendum Monday as tensions between Iraq's largest ethnic minority and the Iraqi government in Baghdad intensifies.

Far-right Party Wins Seats in German Parliament for First Time in Decades

The co-founder of the first far-right party to win seats in Germany's parliament in almost 60 years has declared that it is ready to "take back our country and our people."

Merkel Gets a Fourth Term But German Voters Deliver Far-right Surge

Angela Merkel has won a fourth term as German Chancellor, but with her party's lead in parliament cut and the country facing a surge in support for the far right.

Earthquake Shakes Mexico, Killing Dozens

A magnitude-7.1 earthquake struck central Mexico on the anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that killed thousands. According to the US Geological Survey, the quake hit five miles southeast of Atencingo in the state of Puebla.

5 Things for September 22: A Nuclear Warning of the 'highest level'

It's the first day of fall, y'all! We hope you have a positively autumnal weekend. But first, here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

Hurricane Maria Makes Landfall in Puerto Rico with 155-mph Winds

Hurricane Maria made landfall Wednesday in southeast Puerto Rico, ripping trees out of the ground and entangling two-thirds of the island in hurricane-force winds.

Caribbean Residents Describe Dire Situation As Food, Water Run Out

A week after Hurricane Irma struck a string of Caribbean islands, some residents find themselves in darkness, as power remains out and increasingly worried as food and water run scarce.

Brexit: EU Chief Juncker Warns UK 'will regret it'

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker sought to present a bright future for the European Union after the United Kingdom leaves in 2019, but warned that Britain "will regret" the move as much as the EU will.

Who Are the Rohingya And Why Are They Fleeing?

They have been raped, tortured and killed. They have been crowded on boats and ping-ponged between nations that don't want them. They have been forced into labor and have no rights to their land.