US, South Korean presidents likely to meet before Trump-Kim summit

US President Donald Trump and his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in, will likely hold their own summit ahead of Trump's historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Indian guru Asaram Bapu found guilty of raping 16-year-old girl

A Indian court has sentenced self-proclaimed Indian spiritual guru Asaram Bapu to life imprisonment for raping a 16-year-old girl in 2013.

Recent Iranian shipments to Syria concern US intelligence

US intelligence is monitoring a series of cargo flights from Iran into Syria that the US suspects may be carrying weapons systems into Syria for potential use by Bashar al-Assad's regime or Iranian forces, CNN has learned.

The costs of child care around the world

Finding the right child care can be a frustrating -- and expensive -- process for parents around the world, from New York to Nairobi.

Ethiopia is now Africa's fastest growing economy

Ethiopia, Africa's second most populated country, is forecast to be the fastest growing economy in Sub-Saharan Africa this year, according to new data from the IMF.

Israeli judoka Tal Flicker: 'Sport should overcome all the politics'

As Tal Flicker prepares to fight for gold on home soil at this week's European Judo Championships, the memories of the last time he stood upon the podium come flooding back.

India's top tech company is worth $100 billion

India's biggest tech company has broken the $100 billion barrier. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) saw its market capitalization cross the milestone for the first time on Monday, the first Indian company to do so in at least a decade and ...

Noodle diplomacy: What do leaders eat after making history?

Pyongyang's cold noodles are the most famous on the Korean peninsula. They're so good, that the North is dispatching its top chef to the border, along with a noodle-making machine, to recreate it for dinner after Friday's historic inter-Korea summit.

Armenian Prime Minister resigns after protests

The Prime Minister of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, has stepped down following days of mass demonstrations in the streets of the capital Yerevan over what was seen as an unconstitutional power grab by the former president.

China presents huge rewards for Wall Street -- with big risks

China has promised to lift restrictions on foreign lenders in its massive banking system, creating a huge opportunity for America's biggest banks.

France and UK prepare Syria response as Assad warns West to stay out

President Bashar al-Assad has warned the West against attacking Syria, as President Donald Trump's international allies made preparations to join the US in any military action against the regime.

How did China end up posing as the defender of global trade?

The United States was the architect of the rules that govern global trade -- but these days, it's China that's positioning itself as the defender of the system.

5 things for April 9: Syria, Alaska 'bathroom bill,' Canada bus crash

Want to find out if you're among the 87 million whose personal data was shared with Cambridge Analytica? Facebook will begin alerting users starting today. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the ...

Family reunion 24 years in the making captures hearts in China

The extraordinary story of a married Chinese couple reuniting with their daughter nearly 24 years after she went missing has captured the hearts of millions across China.

Couple sentenced to death for murder of Filipina maid found in freezer

A Kuwaiti court has sentenced a Lebanese man and his wife to death in absentia for the murder of a Filipina maid, the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs said.