Raegan Boutte

Raegan has always had a fondness of Performance Art, Theatre and Dance. After 15 years of studying ballet, tap, and jazz, Raegan began her dance journey at Marsha Woody’s Dance Company in Beaumont, Texas at the tender age of three. After attending a national dance workshop in Houston, she was then invited to train and competitively dance with Steven Boyd Houston Dance Company. After moving with her family to Houston to further pursue Theatre and Dance, Raegan then attended Houston’s proclaimed High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where she studied theatre, film, and performed several plays during her education and training there. In her spare time, she loves helping others and is a co- founder of the Oriska Foundation, a family founded Christian non-profit. She is also a member of HYPA- Houston Young People of the Arts, Houston’s Downtown Alliance, YPC- Houston Health Museum’s Young Professional Circle and Inter-nations: Houston.org where she serves as a local scout for all Performance Art in Houston.
A graduate of the University of Houston with a B. S. from the College of Education, and a former contributor to Houston’s Urban Beat Magazine, Raegan is thrilled to bring her passion and experience to Houston Style Magazine.

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Money & Marriage: The Real Cost Behind Getting Married

Wedding Season is upon us and we have watched so many couples that are young and old take the plunge to wedded bliss! Behind all those lavish weddings are hefty price tags. If you don’t know wedding are big business and can have couples taking out a loan to fund it if they fail to plan and don’t stick to a budget.

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Groom Greatness: The Groom Takes Center Stage in 2017

Brides aren’t the only priority on the big day. We have to show the grooms favor too! The groom takes center as he is present in all aspects of wedding planning and cares very much about his own personal style!

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The Hottest Bridal Trends for 2017

Has your mailbox been flooded with wedding invitations this month? There is a reason for that. The simple answer is it is wedding season and June is the most popular month to get hitch. What is not so popular are traditional weddings. Brides and grooms are getting creative with their nuptials to showcase their unique personalities on their special day. This creativity has spawn some very interesting trends with fashion, cake, flowers, and all the bells and whistles of a wedding.

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Snoopy’s Cools Audiences Off With Its Slapstick Style Humor

If you’re a fan of the Charlie Brown cartoons and you're looking for a good chuckle this summer then this is the perfect lighthearted musical for you. The World According to Snoopy features music and lyrics by Larry Grossman and Hal Hackady and is based on the book by Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates, Warren Lockhart, Arthur Whitelaw and Michael L. Grace.

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TUTS: Dream Girls Deliver, Sparkle, and Shine for Houston

“Dreams Girls” opened at Houston’s Hobby Center with a cast of multitalented actors. Directed by Sheldon Epps in his last production at TUTS and choreographed by Jeffrey Polk, “Dream Girls,” the musical, is actually a favorite of Artistic Director Sheldon Epps and was brought to Houston’s audiences to bring diversity to our city's theatre scene.

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Miracle Laughs Are Seen and Heard At the Alley’s “An Act of God”

The Alley’s Theatre’s “An Act of God” is a rowdy, hilarious farce of a play centering on God and its very comedic view of mankind. This one act play written and created by playwright David Javerbaum addresses many views we have on the modern world today regarding God and religion.

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A Big Top Night for Houston’s SPA 50th Anniversary Gala

It was a grand affair as the Society for the Performing Arts put on its most memorable soirée to date. Appropriately themed, “The Greatest Shows on Earth,” the SPA’s 50th Anniversary Gala was the hottest ticket and a night no Houstonian wanted to miss. 

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Houston Audiences Willingly Venture Into the Woods

Into the Woods the fairytale filled musical enchants Houston audiences at the Hobby Center.

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Wicked’s Talented Tale Bewitches Houston Audiences

Wicked whisked it’s magic for Houston audiences opening night last week and it was the kind of production that brought everyone to their feet. Wicked- is a cleverly written, imperfect tale of good vs. evil and a story of friendship, envy, belonging and love. It’s also a tale that touches on the not so subtle themes of “Feminism” with its strong heroine characters and “Colorism”- as we watch Elphaba struggle with acceptance because she is the color green. What I enjoyed about the story of Wicked is that it is a true Universal story and within the magical, green World of Oz, there lies a defining character that truly resonates with everyone.

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The Ensemble’s “Plenty of Time” Turns Up the Heat in Houston & Sizzles Just in Time for the Houston Summer

The Ensemble debuted Plenty of Time ~a time- capturing, romantic comedy for Houston audiences. Plenty of Time is an incredibly written play about love and life written by New York native John Shevin Foster and directed by Eileen J. Morris.

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