Jo-Carolyn Goode

Managing Editor


Loving daughter, constant writer, pageant lover, effective manager, and community advocate are just some of the characteristics that describe Jo-Carolyn Goode. Having a solid foundation forged by her parents and faith in God has helped shape her into the pillar of the community she is today. The Houston, Texas native is a Prairie View A&M University graduate with a B.S. in the concentration of Biology with minor in Chemistry and Dance.

Beginning her professional career with Houston Style Magazine as an editorial intern, she worked her way through the ranks to become Managing Editor. Through a proven track record of excellent timely reporting and having a great worth ethic, Jo-Carolyn tells the stories of the everyday man to the hottest celebrities to the political power movers. While overseeing a talented team of writers and photographers, Jo-Carolyn produces the weekly print publication of Houston Style Magazine that is widely distributed locally, regionally, and nationally. In addition, she engages readers with stellar content through Houston Style Magazine’s online portal and social media channels.

Her communication talents move from the pages of print media to video as the producer for ‘It's National Day,’ a popular YouTube show celebrating the different national days of the world hosted by media personality TotallyRandie.

Jo-Carolyn has a passion for mentoring the minds of young girls and women and exercises this in a number of ways. In the capacity of National Assistant Director of the Miss Black America Coed Pageant Jo-Carolyn works with girls as young as five helping them to learn the ways of a queen through modeling, interviewing, and serving their respective communities. She also volunteers for the Miss Texas USA Pageant and Miss Texas Teen USA Pageant system where she works with girls as young as 14. Jo-Carolyn builds girls of confidence and character as a Girl Scout leader for one of the oldest African American troops in the Houston area. Her mentorship to these various groups of girls has allowed them to learn valuable lessons and gain skills that have translated to other areas of their lives to live and grow as successful individuals.

Always involved in her community, Jo-Carolyn has affiliations with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated - Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter as the chapter historian and sits on the Board of Directors for the Ivy Educational and Charitable Foundation of Houston, Incorporated and the Advisory Board for the Beatrice Mayes Institute.

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Study of Houston’s Third Ward Reveal Solutions for the Future

African Americans face many disparities as an ethnic group. As it relates to health, African Americans are at an above average risk than any other racial group to be diagnosed with Diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, sarcoidosis, stroke, high blood pressure, and cancer. Census results indicate that African Americans are the second highest racial group behind Hispanics living with below average income. With a low income means that families don’t have access to better housing and other neighborhood amenities like grocery stores for good nutrition, schools for excellent education, and hospital for good healthcare.

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Holding Players More Accountable for Their Actions

Manny Ramirez, Jose’ Canseco, Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, and Bobby Cox are some of the many professional athletes in baseball that have been charged with domestic violence at least once. Despite the charge, some of them continued to have careers in the game after paying penalties.

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Who Will Be Next to Lead Houston?

Eleven candidates have stepped up willing and ready to lead Houston into the future. All seem to agree that one of the top priorities to get the city on track is to fix the infrastructure, tackle the pay for firefighters and police officers, and use taxpayers’ money efficiently. The various ways to handle those problems is where they differ. Houston Style has examined the slate and broken down the platforms of the top 5 mayoral candidates. All that is left is for you to go to the polls and vote. Early voting is from October 21-November 1, 2019 and Election Day is November 5, 2019.

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Priscilla Shirer: Ministering Through Acting in Overcomer

Call her an author. Call her an actress. Ask Priscilla Shirer what she is and she will say a minister, a teacher, someone trying to bring souls to know Jesus Christ. That is who she is at her core. Everything she does centers around that sole purpose. Connecting ministry to acting seems like a stretch when thinking of it in the mainstream of pure entertainment. However, changing your perspective to focus on the content of material rather than the entertainment factor and connecting the dots between the two is easy.

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NRG: ‘The Culinary Capital of the South’

Houston Texans President Jamey Rootes is issuing an invitation to all football fans to a “Taste of Houston, the Culinary Capital of the South.” Rootes put out the call during the unveiling of all that was new NRG stadium this year. Suite renovations, new concession items, designer clothing collection for women, touchdown deals, and an app makeover, Texans’ fans will have an experience that is sweeter to lounge in, tastier to the palette, and easier to navigate during the 2019 season.

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MangagementRings: The Engaging New Trend for Grooms-to-Be

In the distance, the sun sets as the night breeze blows. The scenery is picturesque as the love of your life utters those four little life-changing words filled with passion, power, and purpose, “Will you marry me?” And as your eyes get cloudy from tears you get a glance at your ring and melt. It’s the moment a majority of women hope and pray for and apparently some men too. Millennials are always changing the game and here is something else that they are adding their flair to, men engagement. That was not a typo. More and more millennial are riding the trend stating they want the world to know that they are engaged too.

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Five of Houston’s Most Unique Wedding Venues

Going to the chapel is becoming outdated for today’s couples. More and more newly engaged brides and grooms are looking to wed at places that speak to who they are on a personal level and really uniqueness to their nuptials. Out-of-the box venues like greenhouses, wineries, distillers, breweries, barns, lofts, museums, air terminals, fire stations, castles, and secret oasis are what couples are seeking. Below are some of Houston’s most unique venues.

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White Or Not: Wedding Dress Designer Greggs Takes Tradition Contemporary

The idea of the first draft starts to formulate at a young age. As your opinion changes, adjustments are made with the passage of time. Finally, the moment comes when the final rendition is made. Some call it the most important garment that you will ever wear. It’s your wedding day attire. Be it long or short, dress or pants, white or colored, your wedding day, of all things, must be special, unique, and make you feel amazing.

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Houston Based Mother and Sons Company Wins Grand Prize in H-E-B’s Quest for Texas Best

Browsing the shelves of H-E-B is a real treat for the eyes and especially for the stomach. One never knows what they might see. Red velvet pancakes, green chile mac n cheese, a variety of afia falafel, shopping at H-E-B is never boring as their products are uniquely authentic. Thanks in part to one of their annual competitions that puts out the call for new products from across the state from budding entrepreneurs.

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The Hungry Free Summer

School bells ringing are a bigger relief for some families than just getting children out of the house. It means that their children will have two well-balanced meals a day at school. One in six children across America doesn’t know where their next meal will come from. Texas is a distant 43rd for children’s overall well-being with a devastating 25% of the children living in poverty. Houston ranks second in the nation for children living with food insecurity. Harris County has the second highest rate of child food insecurity in the nation. A hungry free summer seems unobtainable but in summer 2019 it was made possible.

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