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Georgia's Gubernatorial Race Soiled By Conflict of Interest

What if Georgia played Alabama in football and the lead referee was playing quarterback for Alabama? Would we assume that the rules would be enforced equally? Would Georgians worry that the fix was in?

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Kavanaugh Showed Us Exactly Who He Is

Brett Kavanaugh is now a justice of the Supreme Court. He is there only because he is what he showed himself to be in the Senate hearings: a vicious, partisan operative utterly committed to a right-wing judicial activism that will inevitably lead to a constitutional crisis.

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The New NAFTA Gets a Few Things Right, and Falls Short Elsewhere

Donald Trump announced a new NAFTA draft treaty -- renamed for showtime as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

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Trump's Stump Speech Is A Con Job

President Donald Trump is back on the stump, promising to campaign "six or seven days a week" until the general election to try to keep Republicans in control of both Houses of Congress.

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As World Burns, Trump Adds Fuel to Fire

North Carolina has been hit with a storm of biblical ferocity. Florence has left at least 17 dead there, 500,000 without power, with flash flooding across the state from the coast to the western mountains. Landslides and infectious diseases are predicted to follow. North Carolina is not alone, of course.

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Party of Lincoln Wouldn't Recognize Trump's GOP

Last week, President Trump, in a rambling stump speech in Montana, bizarrely compared his oratory to that of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, arguing (incorrectly) that Lincoln was "ridiculed" for the speech.

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Kaepernick May Finally See Justice in Collusion Grievance

Colin Kaepernick may yet get his day in court. Kaepernick is the talented former NFL quarterback who in 2016 began a protest against police brutality and institutionalized racial discrimination by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem. Other players joined the protests.

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How Trump and Company Are Gutting Protections

Trump's serial scandals -- Stormy Daniels, the Russian investigation, the Paul Manafort verdict, the Cohen guilty plea, the juvenile tweets -- fill the headlines. Beneath the noise, however, Trump's appointees and the Republican Congress are relentlessly pursuing a radical right-wing agenda that is gutting basic protections for workers, consumers and the environment.

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There's More Than Enough Evidence of Trump's Bias

Last week, amid the continuing clamor of Trump's chaos presidency, the question of whether Trump had used the n-word became a media sensation.

Democratic Future Lies in Speaking From the Moral Center

The media is now reporting on the debate among Democrats and activists about what the party should stand for, and how it will win elections.

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