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Amid Spirit of Games, U.S. Plays Hardball

The picture of Vice President Mike Pence standing stiffly next to the trusted younger sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un at the Olympics in South Korea told a thousand words.

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The Growing Racial Wage Gap

President Donald Trump keeps boasting about the low black unemployment rate, although African-Americans still suffer nearly twice the unemployment rate as whites do.

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Trump’s State of the Stink Address

As he delivers his first State of the Union address tonight, President Donald Trump is looking for approval. He'll brag on the economy, with a likely focus on his Twitter claim that "because of my policies," black unemployment is at its "lowest rate ever recorded."

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Shutdown Allowed Trump to Play Poisonous Political Game

Donald Trump had the government shutdown that he wanted. No one should be confused about this.

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Trump Doesn't Understand What Makes America Truly Great

"I am not a racist," Donald Trump found it necessary to reassure Americans. It was a revealing echo of when Richard Nixon told us, "I'm not a crook."

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Sessions Stands for Outmoded, Unjust Law-and-Order Policies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions gets it wrong. On core issue after core issue -- civil rights, voting rights, women's rights, police reform and particularly mass incarceration -- he is a destructive force.

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Let Us Remember, and Rekindle the Spirit of, the Emancipation Proclamation

One hundred forty-five years ago on January 1, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, helping to transform this country from a union of states into a nation, from a country stained by slavery into one moving at great cost closer to "liberty and justice for all."

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Race, the South and American Politics

Liberating the South is the key to liberating the nation. The key to liberating the South is the black vote. Recent black turnout in elections in Virginia and Alabama demonstrate this point.

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Today Alabama Chooses Between Its Past and Its Future

"The state of Alabama deserves better," said Richard Shelby, the senior U.S. senator from Alabama, in explaining why he chose not to vote for Roy Moore, his party's nominee in Alabama's special election for the Senate today.

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The American Plutocracy Gets Its Immoral Tax Bill

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever."

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