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Lovell's Food For Thought - Life is What You Make It

The Life of Donald J. Coffey

For a dishwater with dyslexia to being one the top science in Cancer Research, Don Coffey never forgot where he came from. This was one of his greatest achievements in terms of how he related to people of all ethnic and economic backgrounds.

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Lovell’s Food for Thought– Reinventing the Wheel As a Threat to Progress

The negative impact of creating more silos, more health inequities

As humans, we are always striving to receive credit for creating and/or doing something new. What I have learned, is that, for most things, they are not new, we are just improving on a concept. But when does improving and/or reinventing something become detrimental to the process? That is the question I am asking, especially in terms of health inequities, where the funds to address this issue is not limitless, but the knowledge brought together is.

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Lovell's Food For Thought - One's Legacy

Where are they now?

It is often said that the spirit of an individual lives as long as they live in the memories of those they have impacted. Howard Bern, is one whose spirit burns brightly in my soul. For he often said, "one's legacy to science is not the work that you do, but the people you leave behind." This is a phrase you have heard me say and written about numerous times, and will continue to hear me say and include in my writing so long as I am on this earth. It is almost my hope that this saying will be embedded in the souls of ones I have impacted so long as there is work to be done.

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Lovell's Food For Thought - Suggestions & Life Expectancy

Time is precious. And there is a time when one has to decided about what needs to be done by ones-self or done by others. The biggest issue to this is the management of ones "EGO'. It is about not Edging God Out (EGO).

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Lovell's Food For Thought - Is Addressing Health Inequities A Bridge Too Far

Is Addressing Health Inequities in a Holitic Mannner "A Bridge Too Far?"

A question I am asking this year is whether or not addressing health disparities/inequities is "A Bridge Too Far." What I mean is whether or not there is a willing to truly address this issue outside of those of us truly on the battle field. Ate we still in the age of the "Health Disparities Pimps." The other question is how do we make people feel that it is worth their time and/or investment to solve the issue. As one of this year's co-chairs of the 15th Annual Disparities in Health in America: Working Toward Social Justice Workshop said,, "I attended as a student, and it literally changed my life and impacted my career goals and aspirations deeply."  The Disparities in America: Working Toward Social Justice Workshop has had such an impact on individuals. But again, I ask is such an effort “A Bridge Too Far.”

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Lovell's Food For Thought - Connecting the Dots

A House Divided Will Continue To Fall

There is strength in diversity, but it can only be achieved through unity. And unity can only be achieve by connecting the dots and valuing the contributions of all.

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Lovell's Food For Thought - Creating A Critical Mass to Eliminate Health Inequities

Bring together the many facets of 30 years of mentoring individuals in a biopsychosocial approach to creating a mighty Army to addressing health inequities.

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Lovell's Food for Thought - The HDEART Consortium, The Legacy of the CRMH Continues

Over the past 15 years, the Health Disparities, Education, Awareness, Research & Training (HDEART) Consortium has been hosting the Disparities in Health in America: Working Toward Social Justice course and workshop. During this period of time, HDEART has amassed over 1000 hours of presentations. Presentations that can play a significant role in educating the next generation about how to be successfully addressing health inequities. It is the legacy of the Center for Research on Minority Health (CRMH) that will continue to educate the next generation of health equity researchers

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Lovell’s Food For Thought – The ROI of the Workshop Greater Than the Money Invested

The outstanding Return on Investment (ROI) of Mentoring

I have stopped counting the number of minority students, and those from poor backgrounds, who have crossed my path. The vast majority, today, are success in their careers. Every human being has value, and if shown such, the ROI of such is beyond belief, even those don't succeed, for they too end up contributing to the society as a whole.

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Lovell’s Food For Thought - Facts versus lies and generated perceptions

Perception versus Reality, all you need to do is say it enough over and over again, before something generates a perception and then becomes that person's reality whether real or not. Voter fraud is rampant. We need laws to correct that. Whether real or not, if you say it enough it become real in the minds of the people who believe it. This in turns generate a perception that all Conservative Republican are racist. The end result is a divided America

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