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Published author of the acclaimed erotica series Conversations Between Adults and his well received debut novel Walking Down the Aisle Demez F. White is a native of Houston, TX and writer for the critically acclaimed Houston Style Magazine. Combining a unique mix of intellectual stimulation and natural arousal his short stories and articles touch at the core of mental and emotional arousal. was started in 2012 and quickly became a go to destination for readers all over the world. Fiction, dialogues and thoughts that mesh together to give this humble author one of the fastest growing blogs on the net. You can interact with Demez on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by searching @authordwhite where he often touches on everything from romance to politics to dating. Demez attended Texas Southern University in Houston, TX.

Demez contributes to Houston Style Magazine as a feature writer.

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Bud Light, Texas and Summer; A Winning Combination

No matter how long you live in a city you can never really know what all that city has to offer, even when things are in close proximately to you. I made a new discovery in my city this week that has been 35 years in the making.

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We Were Rooting For You James; We Were All Rooting For You

What do you get when you combine an MVP candidate that seems as though he doesn’t want to be at the game, twenty thousand fans and a Spurs team that is starting guys 98% of the country can’t name? You get your hometown team getting embarrassed on national television and that MVP candidate becoming a meme instead of a superstar.

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5 Ways to Show Your Mother You Love Her

Mother’s Day will always be the signature Hallmark card holiday for one simple reason. Who doesn’t love their mother? Often times she’s the first one to calm us when we’re crying, to pick us up when we fall down. Whether we get our heart broken at 12 or 32 it’s our mother whose lap we can lay on and cry like there’s no tomorrow.

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Houston, We Have A Quarterback

Last night, I was sitting at my desk writing and watching a split screen on my television. Half of it was on the NFL Draft and the other half was on the NBA Playoffs. The Lakers aren’t in the playoffs and the Rockets already won so the television really wasn't holding my interest. That’s until I got an alert on my phone that says, “The Houston Texans just traded up to the 12th pick.” Being a football fan you understand there’s only one reason a team gives up a 1st round draft pick, that reason is to get a quarterback.

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Five Things The Texans Need To Do In The Draft To Keep Me As A Fan

So often when it comes to sports and journalism you have every day writers writing as though they know more than men and women that have been running teams and evaluating players their entire lives. So today I won’t pretend to be a professional sports journalist. Today, I’m just a man that wants to see my team make the necessary steps to become a Super Bowl Contender and Champion.

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‘Dating in the Age of Narcissism: A Single Woman’s Survival Guide’ Review

Have you ever heard a parent say, “Do as I say and not as I do?” I’m sort of like that as a writer. I am constantly telling people to leave reviews on my books or articles but I can’t remember the last time I read a book and went on Amazon to leave a review. Blame it on my impatience for remembering passwords and not on my heart.

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Gentrification, Charter Schools and the Death of the African American Inner City School

Every day on my way to work I pass by my old elementary school, Shadydale Elementary on Tidwell Rd. It was one of the crown jewels of the North Forest Independent School District that comprised four elementary schools, four middle schools, and two high schools. I remember Shadydale fondly; it was the first place I picked up a pencil to write a story.

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Black Women Are Disappearing All Over the Country; They’re Taking Our Greatest Natural Resource

What would the world be without social media? If we left it up to primary news outlets would we know that black women were vanishing out of thin air at alarming rates? They aren’t finding bodies and there are no gang associations. These are girls as young as twelve simply not coming home from school. Over 10 black women in Washington DC and Baltimore have gone missing in the past several months.

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Blaming Feminism For Killing Relationships Is Basically Blaming Strong Women For Being Strong

Lately, I’ve been reading so many articles and think pieces about feminism and how it’s impacting women and relationships, especially in the black community. A lot of men and even women have concluded that if a woman is a feminist then she can’t be a wife or even girlfriend in some cases.

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Harry Belafonte: A Voice of Social Injustice

It’s become popular to be an activist in 2017. In a matter of seconds an injustice can become a hashtag and with one tweet you can become the voice of a generation. Now imagine being the voice of social injustice when it wasn’t popular?

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