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Texas Giants ‘Lil Keke & Paul Wall Do It For the Culture

What do you do when you’ve done it all? From sold-out shows, a Grammy nomination and even a Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama, Texas legends Paul Wall and original Screwed Up Click (SUC) member, ‘Lil Keke, have truly done it all.

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Kedrick Brown Is Golden

Houston actor, Kedrick Brown, lands guest starring role on the NBC's New Amsterdam.

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Movietopia Rolls Out the Red Carpet In Houston

Step into Movietopia, an interactive film experience filled with plenty of Instagram-worthy opportunities.

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Movietopia Brings Films to Life In Houston

Movietopia delivers an interactive wonderland for movie lovers.

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Mimosamania Hits the Spot In Houston

Mimosamania brings a whole new meaning to Sunday Funday in Houston.

Her “Why:” Local Woman Addressing the Issues of the Community With Non-profit K.Y.C.E.P.

Chasta Winslow is a woman on a mission and passion for helping others - founding Kudos Youth & Community Enrichment Program (K.Y.C.E.P) to bridge the deficit found within Title I schools that serve low-income communities in 2016.

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Mental Health and Stigmas - Breaking Generational Curses with a Mental Health Day

I wasn't sure what to expect after pulling up to the large, unassuming building that held everything from a bank to the office that I was there to visit. Once inside I found the room was cozy and inviting, as I sat on a comfortable couch across from a woman that mostly let me vent for an hour - allowing me to vocalize my thoughts and more as I worked through them. A little over an hour later I left the session oddly satisfied, now wondering why I hadn’t gone through with it sooner.

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Jon B Just Wants Us To "Understand"

Jon B sits down for a one-on-one HSM writer, Cecilia Smith.

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Eric Green Brings Color & Style With Style Made Simple

With a career that’s spanned across the globe - and included partnerships with fashion powerhouses like Armani, Burberry, Cole Haan, Gap, J. Crew, Neiman Marcus, North Face and more - former Charming Charlie Vice President and Executive Creative Director, Eric Samuel Green, has earned a stellar reputation for being a visionary within the industry. And he’s not done yet.

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Creed II Hits the Mark as Jordan Climbs Back Into the Ring

Two things still ring true in America; we love an underdog and a damn good comeback story, items that helped propel the original Rocky into cinematic history. Based on a familiar tale of rags-to-riches mixed with redemption, it’s the film that almost wasn’t, after Hollywood initially balked at the idea of a (then) unknown Sylvester Stallone in the title role.

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