Hyundai Motors Unveils IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup Car, Pioneering a New Era of EV Racing

 Get ready to rev up for electrifying excitement as Hyundai Motor Company introduces the groundbreaking IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup car at the official practice round for the upcoming Hyundai N Festival motorsports event. This cutting-edge electric racing car, based on the acclaimed IONIQ 5 N high-performance electric vehicle (EV), marks the dawn of a sustainable racing revolution.

Till Wartenberg, Vice President and Head of N Brand & Motorsport, expressed pride in the unveiling of the IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup car, emphasizing Hyundai's unwavering commitment to sustainable racing. "This unique electric racing car showcases our advanced technology and relentless drive to redefine the capabilities of EVs on the racetrack," Wartenberg remarked.

The IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup car harnesses the formidable power electronics (PE) system of the production IONIQ 5 N, boasting enhanced powertrain capabilities and a robust battery capacity. With a power output of up to 650 PS and exceptional durability for intensive circuit driving, the IONIQ 5 N sets new standards in high-performance EVs. Its innovative features include Hyundai Motor's Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), a robust battery thermal management system, and a potent regenerative braking system.



Crafted for professional drivers competing in the N1 class, the IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup car features slick tires and a redesigned body kit for optimized circuit performance. The new eN1 class, debuting this year, offers open regulations, allowing teams to utilize various tire products without manufacturer restrictions.

The IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup car's redesigned body kit boasts enhanced aerodynamics, improved handling, and increased downforce. Lightweight components, including forged wheels, an FRP hood, and polycarbonate windows, contribute to enhanced performance on the track. Spectators can anticipate an electrifying auditory experience with NGB overboost, virtual shift (N e-Shift), and amplified NAS+ (N Active Sound) features, each race team showcasing their unique sound profile.

Safety remains paramount, with the IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup car equipped with essential safety elements such as roll cages, racing bucket seats, and seat belts. Additional safety measures, including specialized fire extinguishers for electric fires and modified charge port locations, ensure the highest level of safety in EV racing.

The Hyundai N Festival, a cornerstone of Korea's motorsport culture, continues its legacy of excellence with the introduction of the eN1 class. This season serves as a trial period for EV racing, fostering learning and development among race teams, drivers, and marshals. The opening round at Inje Speedium on April 27 will feature the official practice for the eN1 class, followed by 10 races in the fifth round, featuring a variety of competition formats.

Joon Park, Head of N Brand Management Group, emphasized Hyundai Motor's commitment to leading the EV motorsport platform and nurturing Korea's vibrant motorsport culture. "With the eN1 class, we aim to redefine the future of racing, making a resounding impact on a global scale," Park affirmed.

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