Advocate Endorsed Announcement: Black Maternal Health Care 2024 Exhibit, Thursday April 4th

"Saving the lives of Black women & Babies"

"Saving the lives of Black women & Babies" 

BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center

Since its start, BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center has unapologetically outlined a vision and dedicated its mission to improving health outcomes in the community. Leveraging the expertise of its founder in public, maternal and infant health, as well as deep connections with local and state governments, hospitals, and health plans, BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center has strengthened its ability to support the community by building missing healthcare infrastructures, influencing policy changes, launching training programs, and providing access to equitable resources, through direct services such as vaccines and case management. 

Shantay R. Davies-Balch, MBA, CLE, Doula 

President & CEO


 Our new address is 2201 Calaveras Street. Come visit us to get a vaccine and other free resources!

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