Sarah Marie Daniel Releases "I Finally Agree With God - I Am Fabulous"

Literary Offering to Transform Joy and Wellness for the World

Wellness Coach and Transformation Guru Sarah Marie Daniel has been battling an undiagnosed, progressively debilitating condition that mimics Multiple Sclerosis for over 25 years. After falling over 6,000 times, resulting in broken bones, teeth, ribs, scratches, scrapes, burns and far too many emotional battle scars to name, still she has mastered the art of dusting herself off and getting back up again. Her book, “I Finally Agree With God, I AM Fabulous” is a roadmap for the realization of destiny.

Throughout the book, she reveals her secrets for unprecedented triumph, a skill necessary for an abundant life. The book to be released on September 2, 2022 recognizes the journey of barriers broken, those still on the horizon, and commemorates the author’s late mother’s 86th heavenly birthday.

“This brilliant memoir is all about giving YOU, the reader, an intimate view into the life of an extraordinary Spirit who has survived and thrived through a chronic, debilitating illness, emotional turmoil, mental warfare, spiritual depletion, and will prove to be your roadmap to joy and wellness. This exquisitely crafted personal narrative is one of the most moving accounts of courage, tenacity, faith, and inspiration I have ever had the privilege of reading. Very succinct, compelling, and difficult to put down. This book fits multiple categories, including autobiography, self-help, and inspirational. A must-read! You will want to buy several copies for sharing when needed for those who will inevitably be uplifted by her words.” -Debra L. Ward

The book is published by 13th & Joan Publishing House, an independent, minority-owned publishing house founded by literary industry writer and veteran Ardre Orie. The book will be released in the early September of 2022 with national and international distribution in digital formats and print.

About the Author

Sarah Marie Daniel believes that for every fall, we all have the ability to rise, and we must make a concerted effort to live each day with gratitude, joy and a passion for life. Ms. Daniel has been an entrepreneur since the age of 25. Now, reinventing herself at the tender age of 56, she is the Founder of JAWA, LLC (The Joy And Wellness Academy), where her greatest desire is to use her life as a symbol of hope and a beacon of light amidst darkness. “My only goal is to move you past your pain, guide you into your power and purpose, and help you discover the best parts of YOU. So, let’s get to it!” ~Sarah Marie Daniel

About 13th & Joan Publishing House

13th & Joan is the fastest-growing minority-owned publishing house dedicated to its mission of cultivating authors and stories that nourish both mind and soul while leveraging innovative opportunities to engage new generations of readers. The company was formed on October 13, 2015, by Ardre Orie, a Celebrity Ghostwriter who has committed to over three decades as a writing professional. 13th & Joan’s clientele includes VH1, MTV, WETV, BRA- VO, CENTRIC, YouTube, Grammy Award-winning artists, and the NFL, as well as a bevy of entrepreneurs and everyday heroes.

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