All The Things We Never Knew

A Novel by Liara Tamani

Eleanor & Park meets “Love & Basketball” in ALL THE THINGS WE NEVER KNEW: A Novel by Liara Tamani(Greenwillow/HarperCollins, on sale June 9 2020; Hardcover, eBook), a tumultuous, lyrical teen romance about two African American, high school basketball stars who fall in love hard and fast but struggle while navigating their own tough family issues.

Carli feels completely lost. She secretly wants to quit basketball but has no idea what dream she wants to replace it with. To make matters worse, her parents are getting divorced and she and her brother must decide who to live with. The only thing saving her is her belief that signs will ultimately reveal her destiny, and they all just pointed to Rex.

Rex craves love. He might be ESPN’s #1 high school basketball player of the year, but he’s terribly lonely. An only child, his mother died giving birth to him and he’s sure his father blames him for it. Plus, Rex has moved to a new school where all of his new teammates hate him. But meeting Carli changes everything. With her, he feels all the love he’s ever wanted to feel.

Set in Houston over the last few months of Rex and Carli’s junior year, ALL THE THINGS WE NEVER KNEW will make readers feel the all tenderness, messiness, and bliss of first love.

Liara Tamani is the perfect author to tell this unique love story: she played basketball in high school and has worked for the NBA. She recently wrote a love letter to the movie Love & Basketball for TIME Magazine.

In an interview Liara can discuss:

The importance of black love stories for all teens

The role of destiny in relationships

Writing about the joys and sorrows of all types of love: romantic, familial, and friendship

Spirituality in YA: how her characters look to signs and nature for solace in an uncertain world

ALL THE THINGS WE NEVER KNEW is the love story we can all use right now, and perfect for Best of the Summer lists, review and feature coverage timed for June.

Additional praise for ALL THE THINGS WE NEVER KNEW

“Tamani masterfully bounces and slams two hearts up and down a shrouded court of first love and revelations. A hard-to-put-down backboard-breaker.”—Rita Williams-Garcia, National Book Award Finalist and New York Times–bestselling author

“ALL THE THINGS WE NEVER KNEW is a beautifully poignant love letter: to a first love, to basketball, and to that enigmatic bunch we think we know best, only to discover we don’t know at all¾family. Tamani’s latest is a bright, shining star.”—David Arnold, New York Times bestselling author of Mosquitoland

“Liara Tamani’s All the Things We Never Knew is a bighearted, beautiful exploration of fate, family, and the glorious magic of love.” —Elana K. Arnold, National Book Award Finalist and Printz Honor winner

"The voices ring so true; all of the characters could walk right by me in a mall or a school or live in my neighborhood. She deftly navigates the complications of family life - the secrets and betrayals right along with the love.” —Cathy Berner, Blue Willow Bookshop (Houston, TX