Rep. Coleman Calls on Governor Abbott to Prohibit Dining in Restaurants Until COVID-19 Surge is Ended

Today, State Representative Garnet F. Coleman (D-Houston) called on Governor Abbott to issue an order to prohibit on-premises dining until the spike in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and positivity rate has been reversed.

“Despite the best efforts of responsible restaurant managers and owners, every day more and more restaurants are being closed, at least temporarily, because their employees are testing positive for COVID-19. One can’t wear a mask while eating, and COVID-19 transmission is more likely when people spend a long time visiting with others indoors without wearing a mask. The sooner we get serious about halting the spread of the virus, the sooner we will be able to go out to enjoy a meal in our favorite restaurants, operating at full capacity, without fear of contracting COVID-19. I am asking Governor Abbott to issue an order requiring restaurants to move back to drive-through, carryout, and curbside delivery dining only. It would be irresponsible to keep dining rooms open in light of the record-setting spike in COVID-19 cases we continue to see. Unless we do what is necessary, restaurants will be stuck in an opening and closing cycle that benefits no one.”