High-End Hair Maker Lustro Hair Debuts New Product Line

Lustro Hair, a renowned supplier of 100% human hair products, is strengthening its footing in the wig industry by launching its latest product line. The high-end wig maker has debuted an HD lace wig and hand-tied bundle series aimed at elevating its already high quality standards.

"Our HD wig provides unique advantages over other wig brands' products," Dr. Lucas Lu, CEO of Lustro Hair, said. "This is due to the lace's invisibility, great breathability, ease of installation, zero shedding and optimal wearing experience."

Lustro's HD lace is very thin and ventilated, which means it lays flat against your skin to mimic your real scalp. It is genuine Swiss lace and made of royal lace material, giving it a lighter, softer and more delicate feel, while appearing more transparent than normal lace. This, in turn, makes it indistinguishable from the skin, more perfectly aligned to make the hairline invisible.

"With this new product line, we're giving the wearer a luxurious wig experience," Jasmine Worlds, Lustro's lead brand ambassador, said. "I have tried out the new products personally, and the best part about them is that the lace prevents obvious knots."

The HD lace line boasts the following product benefits:

Superb breathability, comfortability, and sustainability

Easy installation

Suitability for a variety of styling

Pure Swiss lace

Meanwhile, the new hand-tied bundle features:

Manually hand-tied micro weft

Thinner yet stronger, with perfectly soft texture

With the development of these new products, Lustro Hair is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to leadership in the human hair production space. The company also is advancing its plans to improve wig-making technology.

To view products or learn more about Lustro Hair, where transparency comes naturally, visit lustrohair.com.