U.S. Senate Candidate Royce West on Rodney Reed’s Delayed Execution Recommendation by the Texas Parole Board

Texas Senator Royce West released the following statement today regarding the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles decision to recommend delaying Rodney Reed’s scheduled execution for 120 days:

“I am relieved to hear the decision taken by the board, and commend them for taking unanimous action to truly convey to Governor Abbott how crucial it is to grant a stay of execution. I strongly urge the governor to take this recommendation seriously in his consideration of granting Rodney a reprieve.”

“Justice is served when a person is convicted of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt—Rodney’s case raises countless doubts. It is our job, as Texas state lawmakers, to ensure that every person convicted is guilty, and Governor Abbott now has that chance to readdress any doubts.

“Two decades after the original trial, we now have the technology to test every piece of evidence found during the case—evidence that was previously ignored. And with new witnesses coming forward to implicate others, we must take the full picture into consideration—especially when a man’s life is on the line,” West said.