Investigation Reveals Buzbee Campaign Paid for Pay-to-Play Campaign

An investigation by the Sylvester Turner campaign has revealed multiple instances and hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay-to-play campaign contributions by the Tony Buzbee campaign. Buzbee made nearly $200,000 in campaign contributions to judges — including contributions to 19 judges while he was trying cases in their courts. While these judges were in a position to rule on Buzbee’s cases, Buzbee was contributing thousands of dollars to their campaigns. “We’re not saying these contributions are illegal,” said campaign spokesperson Sue Davis. Buzbee still has not answered questions about the role of campaign contributions in the mysterious dismissal of his 2016 DWI charge. In a rare move, the District Attorney, in the final weeks of her term in office, personally signed the dismissal of Buzbee’s DWI case — after receiving $18,000 in campaign contributions from Buzbee’s lawyers while the case was pending.