Michael B. Jordan On Protecting His Center

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 3/15/2019, 7:41 a.m.
Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Take a really deep breath in. How calming is that? For some that quick ...

Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Take a really deep breath in. How calming is that? For some that quick exercise is all that is needed to recharge or do a little mini escape from the craziness of the day. That exercise is a way of reminding yourself to not stress and calm down.

No matter whether you are a child or a fully grown adult a little deep breathing to center yourself should become a habit. The art of meditation has been around for years and allows you to clear your brain and settle yourself.

Actor Michael B. Jordan spoke about how deep breathing helps him find his center with Oprah Winfrey during the taping of SuperSoul Conversations that aired on OWN this past Sunday. Jordan said, “It’s the meditations. It’s the spiritual connections you have to be able to ground yourself and center yourself that you are protected moving in these spaces that are of constant taking things from you; your energy – it is draining.”

Performing well at your job, making sure your family’s needs are met, fulfilling obligations to friends – I know it can be too much at times. It wears on the body making you sluggish, unproductive and not good for anyone or anything. Change your situation by taking a minute to breathe.

Jordan said, “ I think just finding moments to center yourself and ground yourself.”

He goes on to say that you have to set the scene to allow energy to flow in. Easier said than done I know. But it truly is easy if you really think about your day. Ideally, you want to slip away somewhere by yourself and have these moments but that is not always feasible. Just taking a few seconds to take in some breaths at your desk or take a couple of deep breaths as you are moving to another location can be just what is needed to give you that quick adjustment.

Harvard Health notes deep breathing exercises as the strongest self-healing mechanism that you can do. In an article published about stress management, shallow breathing and deep breathing are discussed. Shallow breathing can make you feel short of breath because your lungs don’t completely fill up with oxygen. While deep breathing allows the lungs to fill all the way up with oxygen promoting a slower heartbeat and lower blood pressure. Oxygen comes in and carbon dioxide goes out.

“You are taking deep breaths. You are holding thoughts of what you want to happen. You are sending your energy out into the universe to take care of whatever it needs to take care of so when you walk into that space its already done,” Jordan commented.

Taking deep breathing even further creates that calming space of which Jordan speaks for the universe (or whatever higher power you subscribe to) to have its way. That how good is welcomed into your life.

Deep breathing is a form of meditation. Many benefits have been documented from the mere practice of it to help you mentally so that your focus is clearer on the task at hand. Reducing stress, controlling anxiety, reducing memory loss, extending your attention span are just a few.

Besides health benefits, this is one of the simplest and least expensive forms of self-help you can do for yourself. Yes, to free therapy!

Don’t get too caught up that you can take a moment for yourself. It’s in those moments that steal for yourself that you are the happiest, the healthiest and the most protected from the insanity that’s your life. So breathe deep and enjoy your escape.