Houston Based Mother and Sons Company Wins Grand Prize in H-E-B’s Quest for Texas Best

Browsing the shelves of H-E-B is a real treat for the eyes and especially for the stomach. One never knows what they might see. Red velvet pancakes, green chile mac n cheese, a variety of afia falafel, shopping at H-E-B is never boring as their products are uniquely authentic. Thanks in part to one of their annual competitions that puts out the call for new products from across the state from budding entrepreneurs.

Entries from 136 cities were submitted for this year’s H-E-B Quest for Texas Best. Of the 824 submissions, 20 were named as finalists and five were from the Houston area. And the big news is ….drum roll please…the grand prize winner is from where? Yup, H-Town! If we are in it, we will win it.

3 Sons Foods, LLC, Diablo Verde Sauce – Houston, TX are the 2019 H-E-B Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best. With their new title comes a prize package of $25,000 plus placement of their product on the store shelves of H-E-B. Be on the lookout for 3 Sons Foods’ devilishly addictive creamy cilantro sauce - Diablo Verde. Available in mild, medium and hot, Diablo Verde combines cilantro, lime, garlic, jalapenos and spices perfect for dipping, flavoring seafood, chicken, tacos, enchiladas, salads, burritos, empanadas, samosas and much more. Made in Texas using the freshest ingredients, Diablo Verde is gluten free, preservative free, egg free, nut free, soy free, vegetarian, 100-percent natural and 100-percent full of flavor. 3 Sons Foods is a mother-son family-owned company operated by sixth and seventh generation Texans, Traci Johannson and her three sons, George (11), Luke (14) and Ayden (16).

Houston Style got to know the grand prize winners a little better and now you will too.

Houston Style Magazine: What made you enter this competition?

Traci Johannson:When the boys & I started our business, it was as a fundraiser. We just wanted to raise money to save Rhinos. We sent out flyers to our neighbors and the boys passed them out at school. The teachers would email & text me their orders with their orders and I would send the sauce with the boys to school, on their bikes. In the beginning each of the boys made $.50 a jar and the International Rhino foundation would get a $1. As the popularity grew, we decided to make a real business out of it, with the vision of someday being on the shelves of H-E-B and to bring awareness to the issue of the illegal poaching of Rhinos. The boys have all grown up in H-E-B and we knew they were a huge supporter of Texas made products, and small Texas businesses. Personally, as a Mom, supporting 3 boys, I loved the potential of being in business with a company that was started by a Mom, of 3 boys, Florence Butts. Though we were already in 11 H-E-B stores throughout Houston at the time of the contest, H-E-B Quest for Texas Best was a great opportunity to expand throughout Texas.