Tips to Excel Beyond Expectations This School Year

Create Your Plan of Study

Now that you know what kind of learner you are think about how you learn best. Do you study best when there is noise or do you need complete silence? Do you learn better working with groups or by yourself? Where will you study and for how long? All of these are questions to ask yourself when making your plan.

Next, you are going to want to create a place to study, preferably one that is distractions free. Ideally, you want to stay away from places that have silent distractions. Those are places like your bedroom. Study in there and you may be prone to want to go to sleep, watch TV, listen to music, mix and match fashion. See how many distractions I just named. Pick where you can really focus on the task at hand. Once you select the space then prepare it for your study session. Stock it with your necessary school supplies, brain powerful snacks, water, and lamp to ensure proper lighting.

Designate a time every day to study for at least 2hour. Make sure that time slot works for every day of the week. Studying at a set daily time on a regular basis will help you develop a routine thereby making it easier for you to retain information. A planner would be helpful for this step. Either paper or digital tool, planners give you a comprehensive outlook of your schedule so that you don’t overstretch yourself with activities and that you can properly allot time to study.

“It is hard to plan if everything is in your head so you want to put everything out,” said Dr. Dyson, who also noted that you should track homework deadline, tests, extracurricular activities, social activities, and study time.

Do Your Homework

Here homework is in reference to the things you need to do as a successful student. Go to all scheduled classes and arrive on time. Sit close to the front of the class to be able to take good notes and listen attentively. Record class lectures to review later when you study. Be an active, engage learner.

Dyson adds to also use class time wisely. Sometimes in class, you will have some downtime. Instead of chatting it up with friends, why not review your class notes and ask your teacher about any questions you may have. Go over your test scores. See where your problems where so you can, again, ask the teacher for help to understand the concept better.

But remember to make an important connection in class as well. Find that person who has that achiever mindset like you. That way you will have a study partner. In addition, just connecting with your classmates in a personal manner helps you become a well-rounded person. Remember to connect with people for support and as an added a resource.

Get to Work

Before you begin any study prepare your mind and body. Set a goal for each session whether that is to read so many chapters and/or complete a certain number of problems. Plan, which subjects you, are going to study. Start with your most difficult classes first because that is going to take the most energy mentally and physically for you.