Congressional Leaders Speak Out Against North Korea and Implications of War

Style Magazine Newswire | 8/11/2017, 9:09 a.m.
Congressional leaders Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green are among many voices their concerns against President Donald Trump’s threat against ...
Congressman Al Green

Congressional leaders Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green are among many voices their concerns against President Donald Trump’s threat against North Korea and implications of War.

CNN reported that President Trump launched a verbal volley against Kim Jong Un, telling North Korea to stop threatening the US or "they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before."

North Korea responded by threatening to hit Guam, home to US military installations. American B-1B bombers had flown over the Korean Peninsula as a show of force. What set Trump off was a report from US intel groups that the North can now miniaturize a nuke and put it on top of a missile.

These interactions have many thinking that a war may start between the US and North Korea without a vote from Congress.

Congresswoman Lee said, “The growing North Korean threat warrants a thoughtful and firm response. The world community should stand united in opposing Pyongyang’s provocations and the United States must demonstrate restraint and work to de-escalate tensions. Further, the White House must articulate a coherent strategy to address the crisis gripping the Korean Peninsula. Any actions undertaken by the Administration must be predicated on imminent threats and a defined foreign policy.”

Furthering that sentiment was Congressman Al Green saying, “The President’s reckless threat against North Korea is a danger to the American people as well as our military abroad,” says Rep. Green. “A President cannot declare war, only Congress can do that. If Mr. Trump has time to announce his intentions, he has time to talk to a joint session of Congress and give Congress the opportunity to act. Because only Congress can constitutionally declare war, all Congresspersons are created equal, each with a voice to be heard and a vote that counts. I will use my voice and my vote in the interest of protecting our military abroad and the American people at home.”

Congresswoman Lee added, “As a co-equal branch of government, it is Congress's right and responsibility to be fully consulted regarding any potential plans to use military force in addressing the North Korean threat. Should the Administration contemplate military action, the Congress should immediately be called back to Washington to assess whether such action is in the national security interest of the United States and our allies, and to withhold or grant authorization for the use of military force based on this assessment.”

She further commented, “The President is bound by the Constitutional norms and must consult Congress before taking preemptive military action against North Korea. He cannot simply abdicate his responsibilities and those of the Congress to four star Generals, regardless of how well respected they are.”