Eric Ford

Feature Writer

Eric Ford attends Texas Southern University majoring in Print Journalism, minoring in Creative Writing. He is the Fashion Editor of the TSU Tiger Yearbook, and also a Costume Designer for Short Films and Plays. He looks at the world in a different mindset. He loves to discover new adventures and mysteries to solve. He is all about the individuality in a person, always seeking to be the light for those who just love to be wild side and take other routes to get to their destination. His main interest is working with fashion, music, and entertainment. He is a big fan of the arts and what it provides for our people; an expression like no other. Other than writing articles all day, he usually writes short stories and poems. He is not published yet in those positions, but he hopes one day he can publish a book of all my stories and poems and make it as a best-seller. He also enjoys going to church, singing, playing tennis, having discussions, and just being around a diverse group of people. He likes exploring all different kinds of peoples and their ideologies. Being himself is his biggest accomplishment and He is thankful that he has the ability to do that every day.

Eric is a Feature Writer for Houston Style Magazine.

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Five Things Protestors Need

In the past few weeks, violence, gun control, hate, and racism have been the highlight of American society. From the mass shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando to the recent deaths of Alton Sterling, Philandro Castro, and a few others, a potential civil war could be upon us. With hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and #PrayForOrlando, the people are speaking up and they are taking it to the streets. Peaceful protest all over the nation is occurring everywhere by marches, sit-downs, vigils, and on-site discussions.

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Brackish: The Summer Accessory

From the constant off and on rain showers, it’s hard to notice the creeping heat coming our way to Houston. As spring has taken its course and summer is ready to shine bright, like every transition your wardrobe needs to be ready for the quick change. For our men, the spring to summer flip is not a hard process; with a few additions and subtractions, you will bring the heat to the already hot season.

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Llulo: The Melanin Brand

Since the beginning of the year you (as well as me) have been pushing us with workouts at the gym to the consumption of healthy organic products (no worries we understand the struggle is real) trying to get summertime fine. Preparing for the hot season can be a hectic situation especially when working on your body to fit these new essential pieces in your closet. Showing off the body is a true release and a proud moment, and the key pieces that we hope will look great will be our swimsuit as you visit the lavish pool parties and beach adventures.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2015: Son Jung Wan's Winter to Spring

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week day three was powerful as Houston Style got a view into the fashion eyes of Son Jung Wan.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Day 2 Mark & Estel Show Recap

Day two of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week rocked literally. That’s what happens when a fashion designer and musician partner together to make magic. Music and fashion always go hand-in-hand with this pair.

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Sneaker Summit: The Unexpected

Sneaker lovers from all walks of life gathered in one place to do what they do most; sell, buy or trade the hottest urban shoes in the market. From custom design brands

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The TwoFashion Show: A New Trending Topic

Following the success of the One Fashion Show last year, it was time to go bigger and better and a new location was first on the list. “From the talk of our first show

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College Thinking On Underage Drinking

Angela Roberts*, a sophomore at Texas Southern University (TSU), knows the legal consequences of underage drinking. After paying a $200 fine and performing 10 weeks of community service, she thinks she’s learned her lesson.

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Grab Your Boots, It’s Rodeo Fashion Time!

It’s time to saddle up on down to the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show! You must be dress up from head to toe for the occasion. You never have to go out of your way to find what you’re looking for; everything is always accessible and on bargain. The Rodeo is not a fancy event, so casual is always the way to go. Here are few steps and advice on how to tie down a rocking style.

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Crowns the Play: Behind-The-Scenes

It’s time to get your shout, dance, and praise on with the national stage play, Crowns, debuting tonight at Texas Southern University, February 28, 2014.

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