Town Hall Meeting: Where Do We Go From Here

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Photography by Vicky Pink - During the 15th Annual Disparities in Health in America: Working Toward Social Justice Workshop, a town hall meeting was hosted with the theme of “Where Do We Go From Here?” The interactive meeting began with a discussion on Optimal Health: An Unalienable Right? led by Dr. Eduardo Sanchez. The audience began by listing seven components of ideal cardiovascular health and two critical social factors that affect health status in association with demographic trends that will affect population health status over the next three decades. Following that was a panel discussion with Dr. Gayle D. Chacon, Dr. William B. Jenkins, Dr. Guillermo Tortolero-Luna, Dr. Umair A. Shah, Stephen L. Williams, Dr. Eduardo Sanchez and moderated by George Strait. The program chair, Dr. Lovell A. Jones, gave closing remarks.