Walgreens pharmacist refuses to fill woman's prescription to induce a miscarriage

An Arizona woman has criticized Walgreens on social media, saying a pharmacist at the chain refused to fill her prescription for a medicine prescribed to induce miscarriage after she was told her 9-week-old fetus had stopped developing.

Medical marijuana may soon be for sale in Arkansas. Is Oklahoma next?

Residents of Arkansas are one step closer to getting legal access to medical marijuana. In 2016, voters amended the state Constitution to allow patients there to use cannabis to treat certain ailments. The amendment allowed the state to create a ...

Everything That Rumbles Is Not Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is often a misunderstood condition. Lactose intolerance occurs when you have a lower level of the enzyme lactase, which is needed to digest milk sugar. Many African-Americans are avoiding dairy, particularly milk because they think they are lactose ...

Enjoy the Sparkling Sounds of Summer at Eddie V’s

Summer is officially here in Houston, and we have the best climate for fizzy drinks, sparkling cocktails, and cold brews. In our city, we have so many choices for dining that we don’t even have to leave our neighborhoods. However, ...

William Chris Vineyards Brings Sway to Houston

Deep in the heart of Texas’ Hill Country nestled between Fredericksburg and Johnson City lies the estate of William Chris Vineyards. The exact location is Hye, Texas and here, they pride themselves on producing varietal blends sourced 100% from Texas ...

Urban One Announces New 'Represent' Campaign with Premiere Initiative Focused On Men's Health

Urban One announces their new ‘REPRESENT.’ campaign, a company-wide quarterly initiative that offers opportunities for Urban One’s Divisions and radio markets to work collectively in support of various causes in the markets and communities they serve.

‘Día Mundial de la Tapa’ Launches Olé, San Antonio at Pearl

Pearl, in collaboration with Turespaña, the official tourism board of Spain and their culinary destination team Tasting Spain Association, along with BBVA Spanish banking group, are excited to announce Día Mundial de la Tapaor ‘World Tapas Day’ coming to the ...

He's dying of cancer. Now, he's the first patient to go to trial to argue Roundup made him sick

On bad days, Dewayne Johnson is too crippled to speak. Lesions often cover as much as 80% of his body. Doctors have said they didn't expect him to live to see this day. But Monday marks a milestone: Johnson, 46, ...

HPV vaccine leads to steep drop in cancer-causing infections in England

The introduction of HPV vaccines has led to a sharp reduction in the number of young women with the cancer-causing infection in England, new data from Public Health England finds.

Heart Health: A Challenge to Fathers Everywhere

Nearly 44 percent of African American men and 48 percent of African American women have some form of cardiovascular disease, which includes Heart Valve Disease (HVD). Yet many of these men and women are not aware they have this condition.

Positive Influence

Growing up I loved playing basketball and football. On any given day you could find my brothers and I playing any one of those sports with the neighborhood kids. As we got older and started playing organized sports we noticed ...

Celebrate Father’s Day with Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège

Father’s Day only comes around once a year, and trust us, dear old dad probably has enough ties in his closet. So what better way to celebrate the occasion than with Hennessy’s new V.S.O.P. Privilège’s 200th Anniversary Bottle?

Give Your Dad the Best Steak for Father’s Day

Dads typically love steak, so this Father’s Day, go ahead and shower him with some love straight off the grill. You can make the day even more memorable by sharing the grilling experience together.

Five Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

If you’re stuck on what to get your Dad like the rest of us, have no fear; we’ll make it easy for you. First, you need to identify what type of guy your Dad is. Does he follow all the ...

Fourteen ADA-Approved Foods for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

The typical American diet leaves a lot to be desired. It's heavy on calories, saturated fats, added sugars, fatty meats, baked goods, and highly processed grains. This type of diet is disastrous to your health and is even linked to ...