Money & Marriage: The Real Cost Behind Getting Married

Wedding Season is upon us and we have watched so many couples that are young and old take the plunge to wedded bliss! Behind all those lavish weddings are hefty price tags. If you don’t know wedding are big business ...

Sporting Events on a Budget – It's Possible with a Plan

Season ticket holder or first timer, watching your team take the field or visiting new teams in a different venue, gripping your seat tightly during the finger-biting last minutes of a close game or cheering on a decisive win – ...

The Billion Dollar War Over Maps

During a test drive near Ford's Michigan headquarters, the team noticed something strange with its self-driving cars.

Uber CEO's Mother Dies In Boating Accident: 'Unspeakable Tragedy'

The company, in a statement on Saturday, called the incident an "unspeakable tragedy" and said that Kalanick's father remains in a "serious condition." Kalanick's mother, Bonnie, was 71.

James Cameron on Disney's Pandora and why the 'Avatar' sequels are talking so long

Walt Disney World has treated guests to the Tomorrowland, Neverland, and now the famous theme park is inviting fans to visit the land of "Avatar."

Trump's First Overseas Trip: Zero Press Conferences

There's one thing clear about President Trump's first trip abroad: He kept the press at arm's length.

Most Chipotle Restaurants Hacked With Credit Card Stealing Malware

The company first acknowledged the breach on April 25. But a blog post on Friday revealed the kind of malware used in the attack and the restaurants that were affected.

Trump's First Budget: Trillions In Cuts

It calls on Congress to spend $4.1 trillion next year, a little more than what is being spent this year. But it would greatly reallocate where many federal funds go -- beefing up spending in some areas, while slashing it ...

Ariana Grande Suspends Tour Following Manchester Terror Attack

Pop star Ariana Grande has suspended her "Dangerous Woman" tour in the wake of a terror attack following her concert in Manchester that left 22 people dead, a source with knowledge of the situation told CNN.

Snapchat Unveils Custom Stories, Amid Battle With Facebook

On Tuesday, Snapchat unveiled a new tool that lets users collaborate with friends and family to create custom Stories. Stories are photo and video posts that are shared by users and disappear after 24 hours.

Uber's CEO Is Just So Misunderstood

Over the years, Uber's CEO has been described as arrogant and a "bro-y alpha-nerd" -- along with plenty of more colorful terms not fit to print here. And that was before Uber's endless string of PR crises kicked off this ...

How To Hide Your Embarrassing Instagram Posts

Facebook-owned Instagram is testing a new "archive" feature that lets users hide posts to a private space on their profile. As part of the test, users can also un-hide posts at any time to return them to their previous place ...

Mark Zuckerberg: I'm Not Running For Office

Speculation that Zuckerberg may be preparing to run for office has flourished during his "listening tour," in which he has been traveling the country -- and posing for photos at a Ford plant, on a tractor, feeding a cow and ...

New Ford CEO's Resume Includes Furniture And Football

Hackett, 62, was named Monday to replace Mark Fields, who was ousted after a three-year tenure. The stock price fell almost 40% with Fields in charge, and Ford fell behind competitors in the race to develop electric and later self-driving ...

How Facebook Decides What Violent And Explicit Content Is Allowed

As the company scrambles to deal with videos of suicide and murder posted on its platform, a report from The Guardian gives new insights into the uncomfortable role the social media giant now plays as a content regulator.