Why Hacks Like Equifax Will Keep Happening

If it feels like 2017 is a banner year for cyberattacks, that's because it is. And the hits will keep coming.

Women Driving Could Rev Up Saudi Economy

Saudi women are celebrating. They are finally being allowed to drive. For years they have called for change, and some have been arrested for defying the driving ban. But a royal decree announced late Tuesday has changed all that.

CNN Poll: Most Want Major Changes to the Tax System

As Congress turns its attention away from health care and back toward tax reform and other issues, a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS finds most in favor of major changes to the nation's tax laws, but wary of President ...

World's Second Biggest Diamond Sells for $53 Million

The world's second-biggest diamond has finally found a buyer. After failing to sell at a Sotheby's auction last year, the 1,109-carat uncut stone has now fetched $53 million in a private sale to luxury jeweler Graff Diamonds.

Equifax CEO Richard Smith Is Out

Equifax CEO Richard Smith is out after the company's embarrassing data breach and botched response.

Charles Butt Donates $100,000 to Prairie View A&M University Students Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Charles Butt, H-E-B Chairman and CEO, today announced a personal, $100,000 contribution to Prairie View A&M students affected by Hurricane Harvey.

How the Equifax Data Breach Happened: What We Know Now

Hackers were able to access personal data of 143 million Equifax customers. How did it happen? Much is still unknown. But it came down to a flaw in a tool designed to build web applications, the company said in a ...

Treasury Leader Steven Mnuchin Is Not ‘focused’ On Getting Harriet Tubman On the $20 Bill

In April 2016, then Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that black abolitionist hero Harriet Tubman would appear on the $20 bill, a first for a black woman. A change of administration from former President Barack Obama to now Donald Trump ...

What to Do If Your Identity Was Stolen After the Equifax Hack

Nearly half of Americans had their personal information exposed during a breach at Equifax, the company announced last week. Sensitive data on about 80 million Anthem customers was accessed in 2015.

Spanish Billionaire Amancio Ortega Was World’s Wealthiest Man for a Day

Spanish billionaire Amancio Ortega edged out Bill Gates last to take the top spot as the world’s wealthiest person with an estimated worth of $85 billion. But by day’s end after the U.S. markets closed Gates was back on top.

Steven Mnuchin On Harriet Tubman's $20 Bill: 'We will be looking at this issue'

Maybe putting Harriet Tubman on the new $20 bill isn't a done deal after all. Back in in April 2016, Obama Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, said that the black abolitionist hero would appear on a new version of the bill. ...

A History of Women On World Currency

Harriet Tubman's fate on the $20 bill may not be as certain as we once thought. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told CNBC that Tubman's placement on the bill is "not something that I'm focused on at the moment."

Mnuchin Calls Massive Equifax Breach 'Quite Unfortunate'

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin thinks Americans are right to be fed up with data breaches like the massive hack at Equifax.

Diamond Miner's Shares Crash as Tanzania Seizes Exports

Shares in a London-listed mining firm fell as much as 24% on Monday after officials in Tanzania prevented it from exporting diamonds from the east African country.

Equifax Hack: What's The Worst That Can Happen?

If you're not worried about the Equifax hack, you should be. The hackers made off with the most crucial tools that identity thieves need to impersonate you. The worst-case scenario is a very real threat to millions of Americans.