It Could Get A Lot Harder For Europeans To Visit America

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said Tuesday that rules allowing Europeans to travel to the U.S. without a visa should be reviewed because of concerns over potential terrorism.

Wells Fargo CEO: I'd be OK with my kids calling our ethics line

Just this month, Wells Fargo was ordered by the Labor Department to pay $5.4 million and rehire a whistleblower who was fired after calling the bank's ethics hotline to report suspected fraud. The bank could be forced to rehire another ...

Emirates cuts flights to U.S. as Trump's policies hit bookings

"Emirates can confirm that we will be reducing flights to five of the 12 U.S. cities we currently serve," said a spokesman for the Dubai-based airline.

No shrimp today: Maine's waters are warming and it's costing fishermen money

At 63, he's been fishing off the Gulf of Maine for over 34 years. Shrimp used to be plentiful there. Back in 2000, Goethel remembers seeing 100 commercial boats out in the harbor. Now, he's just one of a handful ...

Facebook wants to kill the password

For now, they are necessary -- as well as regularly re-used, and sometimes leaked when hackers access private information. When you forget yours, the process to log back into an account you're locked out of is clunky and not as ...

Should I invest my retirement savings in gold?

Traditionally, there have been several rationales for including gold in a portfolio. Perhaps the one most often cited is that gold can provide a hedge against a jump in inflation. But while gold does indeed do a pretty decent job ...

Why undocumented immigrants pay taxes

Every tax season, millions of undocumented immigrants file their taxes with the federal government -- even though they could easily get away without doing so.

Part of Bill O'Reilly's problem at Fox: Few people there actually like him

The embattled primetime host is widely disliked at Fox News and its parent company 21st Century Fox, both feared and loathed for his outsized ego and rude temperament, according to six current and former high-ranking sources at the company.

Hollywood writers' strike hovers

The writers and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers issued a brief statement late Monday saying that they would resume talks on April 25, leaving less than week before the May 1 expiration of their existing contract.

Mark Zuckerberg makes cursory mention of Facebook murder video at F8

Mark Zuckerberg used his biggest press event of the year to briefly address an uproar over a murder video posted to Facebook.

United CEO Oscar Munoz: No one has been fired over passenger incident

"It was a system failure," said CEO Oscar Munoz in response to a reporter's question on Tuesday. "There was never a consideration for firing an employee or anyone around it."

China OKs trademarks for Ivanka Trump's company on day she met with Xi

The Chinese government gave provisional approval to Ivanka Trump's company for at least two trademarks April 6, according to Chinese trademark documents reviewed by CNN.

Why Big Oil wants Trump to stay in Paris climate deal

President Trump could deal the landmark Paris climate agreement a massive blow this week.

Facebook finally makes a virtual reality world

The conference is a chance for Zuckerberg and his executives to wax poetic about all they ways they're changing the world, while also getting brands excited to sell things on Facebook.

Hundreds protest downtown in Tax March

Hundreds of people protested during the Tax March in downtown Houston on Saturday in hopes of pressuring President Trump to release his tax returns.