Business Betrayals: Protecting Yourself From Workplace Treachery

Betrayal in business can come in many forms. A supervisor who gives specific directions for a project, then lays the blame squarely on you when things go awry. An employee who fails to inform you of a high-end client’s unhappiness, ...

H-E-B’s Quest for Texas Best Dishes Out $80,000 and Shelf Placement for a Texas-Sized Win

After two days of intense deliberations and tasting a delicious mix of brats, brittle, sauces, and pickles, mixes, mixers, meats, cookies and crickets, H-E-B’s Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best names FIVE winners at the Houston Food Bank. The winners ...

Comcast Announces Largest Ever Expansion Of Its Internet Essentials Program

Comcast announced it is significantly expanding eligibility for its broadband adoption program Internet Essentials to include all qualified low-income households in its service area. Comcast estimates that more than three million additional low-income households, including households with people with disabilities, ...

More trouble for Kraft Heinz: Its bonds could soon be rated junk

The problems facing Kraft Heinz are growing. The stock sank last week following a dismal earnings report. Now, credit ratings agency Fitch is warning that the company's bonds could get downgraded to junk status if things don't turn around.

Effective Use of Social Media: 5 Tips for Small Businesses

While the digital world has proven to be lucrative, it can be a scary place for small businesses. Everyone is selling something; how do you compete with the conglomerates? Where do you get funds to hire influencers? Then you make ...

Apple's Credit Card Is Here, But Most People Can't Use One Yet

Five months after it was announced, Apple's first credit card is now available — but not to everyone. Hundreds of thousands of people signed up online to be notified when the Apple Card became available.

Walgreens Plans to Close 200 U.S. Stores, According to New SEC Filing

Walgreens plans to close approximately 200 U.S. stores, the company announced Tuesday in an SEC filing.

Garfield has a new owner: Nickelodeon

Viacom is purr-chasing Garfield. The media conglomerate announced Tuesday that it's buying Paws Inc., the company that owns the rights to Garfield. Viacom has big plans for the lasagna-loving cat, including new merchandise and an animated television show for its ...

Apple's credit card is here, but most people can't use one yet

Five months after it was announced, Apple's first credit card is now available — but not to everyone.

Local salon caters to children with special needs

With school starting up soon in Green Country, parents want their kids to look and feel their best with a fresh haircut but it's not an easy task for many families.

McDonald's new paper straws aren't recyclable -- but its axed plastic ones were

McDonald's has admitted that its new paper straws, rolled out last year to help "protect the environment," can't be recycled -- unlike the plastic versions they replaced.

Target Celebrates 20 Years of Designer Partnerships

Retailer to commemorate 20 years of making great design accessible to everyone with a limited-edition Anniversary Collection

Lowe's is laying off thousands of workers

Lowe's is laying off thousands of workers. Layoffs will include assemblers, who put together items like grills and patio furniture. The company will also cut maintenance and facility-service jobs, such as janitors. The company said it is outsourcing those positions ...

Twin Doctors Celebrate First Anniversary of Spa with Launch of their New Signature Product and Non-Profit Foundation

Houston twin doctors, LaShondria Simpson-Camp, MD, and Shalondria Simpson, PharmD, have plenty to celebrate next week! The accomplished sisters will be celebrating the First Anniversary of their Tru Essence Spa on Thursday, August 8, 2019, just days after National Sisters ...

Elon Musk says Tesla owners will soon be able to stream Netflix and YouTube

Soon Tesla owners will be able to stream Netflix and YouTube from the car's center dashboard so they can catch up and binge on their favorite shows on the road.