Tesla SUV earns a Guinness World Record for towing massive airplane

Tesla's Model X SUV is so strong it earned a Guinness World Record for towing. Tesla released a video on Tuesday that shows ones of its electric SUVs towing a 287,000-pound Boeing 787-9 dreamliner nearly 1,000 feet on a taxiway ...

Ford Motor Company Fund and Houston Area Ford Dealers Award $100,000 in Scholarships

*$100,000 in scholarships awarded to 50 senior high school students in Greater Houston area to pursue higher education *Ford Fund’s Houston investment since 2015 more than $300,000 in scholarships and educational resources *The Ford Driving Dreams initiative has invested more ...

Uber teams with NASA to make flying cars a reality

Your dream of riding in a flying car may be one step closer to reality. Uber and NASA announced on Tuesday they're teaming up to simulate flying taxis in urban areas.

Porsche offers computerized cruise control for twisty roads

I was going almost 50 miles an hour on a mountain road just north of New York City. Ahead of me, the road curved sharply to the left with just a thin metal railing between the speeding car and a ...

GMC Honors Military Heroes

On April 28, General Motors and the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation will host the 6th annual Honoring our Heroes Gala to benefit the foundation’s Smart Home Program and the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund of Michigan.

Ford's decision to drop sedans and hatchbacks makes sense. Here's why

You might be shocked by Ford's decision to drop traditional cars from its line-up in favor of crossovers and SUVs. Haven't we seen this movie before and didn't it end badly?

GM avoids bankruptcy for South Korean unit with union deal

General Motors has reached an 11th hour deal with its South Korean union to stop it from filing for bankruptcy for GM Korea.

Kia's big $60,000 sedan aims to fix its big image problem

Americans buy plenty of Kia cars and SUVs. But the Korean automaker still gets no respect. For instance, I suggested to a colleague who was in the market for a new car that he should consider buying a Kia.

China lifts restrictions on foreign carmakers

China is making good on the promise to open its huge car market to foreign automakers. The country will remove its longstanding restriction on foreign ownership for manufacturers of electric cars, ships and aircraft this year, the government announced Tuesday.

Tesla is temporarily stopping production of the Model 3

Elon Musk has been working hard to convince Tesla investors that production of the company's first mass market car, the Model 3, is going just fine.

Britain's biggest carmaker cuts 1,000 jobs

The UK's biggest auto manufacturer -- Jaguar Land Rover -- is cutting 1,000 jobs in its home market as Brexit and slumping sales hit the quintessentially British brand. 2018 Toyota Prius C

I got a 2018 Toyota Prius C on short notice to come here. The point is that I had to learn this car literally on the fly, or in this case on the road.

2018 GMC Terrain: Reinvented with a New Look, Engine, and So Much More

Day after day they haunt drivers. No matter how drivers try to avoid them someway the vehicle always drifts towards them. As soon as one is fixed two more seem to appear in its place. They cost drivers tons of ...

Tesla tussles with Feds over autopilot crash investigation

Tesla and the National Transportation Safety Board are clashing over an investigation into the fatal crash of a Tesla that was in Autopilot mode.

Volkswagen CEO could be out in management shakeup

Volkswagen is considering a surprise management shakeup that could include replacing CEO Matthias Mueller.