It's time for Tesla to call in a grown-up to keep Elon Musk in check

Quick! Name the chief operating officer of Tesla. You can't. Because that was a trick question. Tesla has no COO. And some financial experts think that's a big problem, especially since there are so many questions about the company's future.

Small Pickups Continuing To See Gains

This week’s Market Insights Report shows how small pickups and full-size cars both showed gains this past week, even though we’re getting deep into summer. The report also highlights trends from the latest monthly Vehicle Retention Index, which increased +0.5% ...

Tesla: Not clear yet whether Elon Musk's plan to go private makes sense

Tesla isn't on board with CEO Elon Musk's plan to take the company private, at least not yet.

Buick Delivers Peace of Mind at the Gas Pump

With road trip season in full swing, Buick and ExxonMobil are debuting a new way to bring simplicity and savings to the pump.

Formula One scraps plans to launch Miami Grand Prix in 2019

Formula One has hit the brakes on a proposed 2019 race in Miami, shelving plans until at least 2020.

What's next for Fiat Chrysler?

The new CEO of Fiat Chrysler has been handed a road map by industry legend Sergio Marchionne. But can he navigate the route?

1 in 4 Tesla Model 3 orders has been canceled, analyst says

Tesla is finally making enough cars -- it just can't sell enough of them. Cancellations for Model 3 orders have picked up in recent weeks. Refunds now outpace deposits for Tesla's new mass-market electric car, according to Needham & Co. ...

This could be the Rolls-Royce of flying taxis

Rolls-Royce is preparing a flying taxi for takeoff. Vertical takeoff, that is.

Toyota Launches Car Share Service in Honolulu

Toyota launched an innovative car-share service, called Hui, in Honolulu offering a fleet of Toyota and Lexus vehicles for rent by the day or hour at 25 locations throughout Honolulu.

On the test track in Porsche's most powerful plug-in hybrid

With the ability to drive for miles purely on electric power, plug-in hybrids are a great way to save gas. But Porsche has turned to them for another reason, as well. They can offer remarkable performance.

Ford to remake Detroit's most famous ruin

If you've ever been to Detroit, you've probably seen Michigan Central Station. And you've probably wondered why someone didn't just tear it down. Visible from miles around, the 18-story building has been abandoned for decades and is, literally, a mere ...

Tesla Autopilot update aims to keep drivers' hands on the wheel

Tesla vehicles are about to start warning drivers more often: Keep your hands on the wheel, even if Autopilot is activated. The electric car startup sent an update to its Autopilot software last weekend.

Toyota makes record $1 billion investment in ride-hailing firm Grab

Toyota is placing a big bet on Southeast Asia's largest ride-hailing company. The Japanese company is pumping $1 billion into Singapore-based Grab -- the biggest ever investment by a traditional automaker in a ride-hailing firm -- the companies announced Wednesday.

Volvo is the latest automaker to bet on this 23-year-old's startup

Luminar launched in 2012 when its founder was barely old enough to get a driver's license. Now it finds itself at the heart of the burgeoning self-driving car industry. 2019 Lexus ES 350

Lexus, like a lot of other manufacturers, got caught. One of the world’s premier luxury brands, it is in the middle of rolling out a new generation of sedans when the entire market has become utility driven, pun intended. Last ...