MENTAL HEALTH: Unveiling Trauma-Informed HR: Transforming Workplace Wellness with Tiffany Mensah

Tiffany Mensah, a Certified Trauma Support Specialist and Executive Director of D.O.V.E.S. Network®, recently delivered a transformative webcast at’s Future of Employee Well-being Virtual Event. Her session, titled "Trauma-Informed HR: The Key to Unlocking Your Team’s Full Potential," which took place on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, and provided attendees with invaluable strategies to enhance workplace wellness. This virtual event catered to HR professionals, organizational development experts, and employee wellness advocates, and offered the chance to earn HRCI/SHRM credit validation.

A Trailblazer in Leadership and Advocacy

Mensah’s nearly two decades of leadership at Fortune 500 companies like Rocket Mortgage, Allstate Insurance, and Domino’s Pizza have given her a unique perspective on the impacts of unaddressed trauma in the workplace. Drawing from her extensive experience, Mensah shared personal anecdotes and evidence-based practices, highlighting the often-hidden costs of workplace trauma.

“Simply offering wellness packages is not enough,” Mensah emphasized. “Companies must actively create trauma-informed systems and cultivate a mental wellness culture to truly support their team members.”

Empowering HR Professionals with Trauma-Informed Practices

Mensah’s webcast challenged HR professionals to rethink their approach to employee well-being. By integrating trauma-informed practices into HR manuals and onboarding processes, companies can create environments where employees feel seen, heard, and supported from their very first day. The benefits of such practices are significant: reduced hiring costs, increased productivity, and the development of a more innovative, resilient workforce.

Through an interactive whiteboard activity, Mensah engaged attendees, providing them with practical, easily implementable strategies to foster a trauma-informed workplace. Her session was a call to action for HR professionals to disrupt the status quo.

“This talk is a call to action for HR professionals who are ready to disrupt the status quo and unlock their teams’ full potential,” Tiffany stated. “By championing trauma-informed HR practices, we can create workplaces where every employee can thrive personally and professionally.”

Transforming Workplaces Post-Event

Attendees left the event equipped with Tiffany Mensah’s expertise to transform their organization’s approach to employee well-being. The insights and strategies shared during the webcast have the potential to reshape workplace cultures, ensuring that trauma-informed HR practices become a standard for promoting holistic employee wellness. In addition, it also emphasized the ongoing importance of trauma-informed HR practices, ensuring it resonates with readers of Houston Style Magazine that are interested in workplace wellness and employee support strategies.

About Tiffany Mensah

Tiffany Mensah is a dynamic leader at the intersection of advocacy, consulting, and public speaking. As a Certified Trauma Support Specialist, she is dedicated to helping individuals heal and transform their lives by addressing past traumas. Her nearly 20-year tenure in business leadership at Fortune 500 companies uniquely positions her to lead the charge in creating trauma-informed workplaces that promote holistic employee wellness.

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