'An inspiration for all fat people': Tyson Fury praises Andy Ruiz Jr.

CNN/Stylemagazine.com Newswire | 6/6/2019, 8:58 a.m.

By Don Riddell and Ben Church, CNN

(CNN) -- Braggadocio and trash talking -- where boxers taunt rivals to boost ratings and provide an alternative narrative for the media and fans outside of the ring -- are part and parcel of the boxing world.

When it comes to the art of verbal sparring there are few better exponents than Tyson Fury and following Anthony Joshua's recent surprise defeat by underdog Andy Ruiz Jr. in New York, the "Gypsy King" delighted in trading a few barbed comments with his main rivals in the heavyweight division in an interview with CNN Sport on Wednesday.

"I was delighted for the smaller fat kid," former world heavyweight champion Fury told Don Riddell, referring to Ruiz, who downed Joshua twice in the third round and twice again in the seventh in one of the biggest upsets in the sport's history. "Everybody has to go with the underdog.

"You see a big giant ripped in muscles and everyone expects the other guy to get knocked out in a round or two. I didn't because I knew how good Ruiz is."

'We're both fat'

Much has been made of Ruiz's physical condition for the fight, sharply juxtaposed by Joshua's chiseled body.

Despite Fury's less than complimentary remarks about Ruiz's body mass -- he weighed in at 268 pounds -- the British fighter has nothing but praise for the Mexican's boxing ability and credits the 29-year-old for "lighting up" the division.

"I'm happy that he's a fat guy. We're both fat," said the 30-year-old Fury. "He's an inspiration for all fat people out there.

"Everyone has always been told you need to be in shape, you need to be looking good, you need to have a great body," added Fury.

"He's [Ruiz] just defied everything, the laws of ethics, because he came and he wasn't in great shape, he didn't look like a fighter and he knocked out this guy [who] looked like an Adonis."

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn said on Tuesday that a rematch would take place in November or December when Joshua will attempt to regain the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO titles from Ruiz.

However, Fury, who is looking to regain the world titles he forfeited in 2016, can only see one outcome -- another defeat for Joshua.

"Styles do make fights and if he [Joshua] could have done anything he'd have done it there and then that other night," said Fury.

"AJ didn't just get knocked out fluky, he got beaten up first and then knocked out."

When asked how he would have overcame Ruiz, Fury quipped: "Just give him a couple of chocolate bars in between rounds."

Ruiz on beating Joshua

Speaking in the days after the fight, Ruiz pointed to the strategy he pursued to secure his stunning victory which made him Mexico's first ever heavyweight champion.

"The key of beating Joshua was the speed, the combinations, the pressure. I couldn't be scared," he told CNNE.