Beyond the Rhetoric: Illegal Immigration: Are the Democrats wading into Quicksand?

Harry C. Alford | 7/3/2018, 2:06 p.m.
The controversies regarding illegal immigration are at a “boiling point”. For decades it was a mild issue. Racial terms such ...
Harry C. Alford

The controversies regarding illegal immigration are at a “boiling point”. For decades it was a mild issue. Racial terms such as WOPS (without papers) referred to illegal Italians sneaking in. Wetbacks referred to Mexicans swimming across the Rio Grande River to enter the US illegally. Also, illegal immigration from China was popular on the West Coast. These opportunities were caused by the bustling new United States living out its dream of “Manifest Destiny” by snatching territory or buying it at a bargain whenever possible. The Philippines, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Mexican War and the massive Louisiana Purchase are prime examples of our expansion. We got it through blood, sweat and tears. Time has not healed everything.

History takes a very long time to fade. My brother’s friend is married to a nice lady of Mexican-American descent. She has a family heirloom which is a legal document from the days that California was once a part of Mexico. It is a property deed. The land described is that of the Wilshire Boulevard area of Beverley Hills. How many trillions of dollars would that be today? I think we can all feel her pain. However, life goes on. If we want payback for atrocities, we can start with African Slavery. But that is not going to happen. So, let us deal with today.

This is the 21st century and America is the richest nation on earth. There is a shortage of affordable labor and that shortage is being answered by foreign workers. Many come in legally and work in places like Silicon Valley and on farmlands throughout our agriculture infrastructure. The demand is greater than the supply and that encourages illegal entry via various ways. People flock to this nation to participate in the treasures of Capitalism. Their yearning is immense, and many will stoop to illegal means to get in. Thus, we must do what any responsible sovereignty would do – we police our borders. So, there is the “rub”.

Our borders are porous, and that situation must be addressed immediately. Many people who participate at President Trump rallies chant “Build That Wall”. Well, I too say Build That Wall! There are many ways to illegally enter our nation but, by far, our 2000-mile Mexican border is the main source of entry. We must “plug up” that territory with a proper wall.

It is not just illegal immigration. The main source of the multi-billion-dollar illegal drug trafficking is the Mexican border. In addition, sex slavery and potential terrorists come through this passage. People wanting to leave their environment by cheating and shaving off the waiting periods will risk their health and futures through smuggling. Many of the “supervisors” of this evil form of migration are outright drug dealers, perverts, child molesters, etc. Their cargo is dumped onto our nation and bad things begin to happen. According to the White House, illegal immigrants have accounted for over 63,000 murders in our nation. We cannot allow this to fester.

One of the most tragic practices is this: Fathers and/or mothers will give their young daughters, who are about to embark on their illegal journey, “Morning After” birth control pills. They instruct their daughters to take them whenever they get raped by the gangster coyotes who guide them along the tortuous journey. How many persons die along the way? No one says but there are bones littered from the Central American borders to the United States. The horror is in Biblical portions.