Houston Get Its First-Ever Shared Space Designed For Churches

As the rise of entrepreneurs and small businesses increase in Houston, more creative spaces have seemed to pop-up to benefit those needing to store and distribute their products or services, but what about for churches? Pastors across the nation have been known for lending their facilities to other shepherds who are needing the space to spread the good news, but what happens when there is a time conflict or constraint? Well, look no further, Church Space, a shared space for ministries has announced that a public open house will be held on Saturday, December 22, 2018 from 1pm-4pm to celebrate the opening of the newly completed space. The event will be held onsite at 12423 Cutten Road Houston, TX 77066.

What is Church Space?

Designed and dedicated for churches, ministries, and the kingdom groups and entrepreneurs. It is a new way to "church" as it fosters an environment for churches and kingdom growth. Church Space can be reserved and booked online.  Additionally dedicated Pastoral desks can be arranged for Pastoral office hours, and weekly meetups, and event space is available.

“I wanted to give ministries without their own facilities access to state of the art worship centers, from decor, recording equipment, and space,” says founder Day Edwards.

Church Space does not only provides a modern-spin on what renting a facility to have church looks like, but they include free marketing, branding, and administrative workshops with a top tier pr & marketing experts. The shared space team also plans to expand with more locations not just across the city of Houston in the near future but with a vision to sprout nationwide.

With Church Space comes an opportunity to lease to other churches and give ministries the chance to grow in a space they can call their own that’ll benefit the growth of the kingdom and their members and pastoral team.

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