Interview: When Fashion Meets Rap, You Get ALZO, A Rising Star from Houston

Keandra "Ke Ke" Scott Tatum | 8/24/2018, 11:33 a.m.

Alec Lastrap, stage name ALZO, is a multi-talented force to be reckoned with already at the start of his career. He is coming in the game with a lot of eclectic vibes and humility. We got a chance to have a face-to-face interview over some authentic and delicious creole sandwiches at Go Cajun Subs (Spring, TX) which created some cool laid back vibes. So who is ALZO? A native Houstonian raised in Missouri City (Mo City), who attended Bush and graduated from Marshall High School before heading off to attend college in Wharton. Growing up, ALZO was in to basketball (he has to height for sure), but music and modeling soon turned from sideline pastimes to his full-time focus. ALZO's passion linked him with industry talents such as producer X Byrd who produced his single, "Geeked." The up-tempo beat inspired him to write transparent lyrics that express his feelings about what he goes through on a daily basis. ALZO has been on tour with Epic Records and featured in Hip Hop weekly magazine, Modern life, Hip Hop revival and other influential publications.

HSM: Who are your influences?

ALZO: "I don’t have a specific person or a group that influences me because I get inspired by a lot of things. One person I look up to is Michael Jackson – he is just dope, period. He inspired me through his work ethic; as a kid he was trained, but his work ethic is similar to mine. I’m always putting that work in; I don’t ask anyone for anything. I try to get it on my own or not at all. He branded himself, and in my career I have to brand myself. His work ethic, perseverance and career is inspiring. His sense of fashion was influential as well. He’s the king of pop, and I want to earn a label of respect as high as that. But most importantly, I vibe with how he was as a person – you don’t hear too much negativity about how he treated people; he was a positive force who focused on his art. That’s what I’m going to bring to the industry and to the world in general."

HSM: What do you have that no artist does, currently, in the entertainment industry?

ALZO: "My work ethic and the individualism I have as a person makes me different. The way I can present myself behind the camera and behind the notepad is unique. I don’t look like anyone, and I won’t market or brand myself like anyone. Since I’m versatile I can bring more to the table. The level of gratitude and vision I bring and my passion in everything I do makes me stand out as well; I won’t do any fake stuff ever."

HSM: Out of all the cities you have visited or performed, which one has been the most interesting?

ALZO: "I loved every city I’ve been to and performed. I appreciate the love and support from each and every city."