All In A Day’s Work: Life of An NFL Agent On Draft Day

Brian Barefield | 5/12/2017, 12:33 p.m.
The NFL recently held its annual job fair. Like most hiring processes, applicants presented their best self, polished up their ...
Corey Williams with his client Deante' Gray

The NFL recently held its annual job fair. Like most hiring processes, applicants presented their best self, polished up their resume, bragged on their skill set, and prayed for the best. Some people got hired because they were skilled and interviewed well, while others didn’t get the job for various reasons. And although it seems that the individual who is applying for the job has the toughest time, it’s not. Just behind the scene, like a master puppeteer is one who is grinding to not just get their client hired but get him the best deal possible, the NFL agent. Most people believe that all an agent does is show up, sign the contract for the player and collects his fee. But that is far from the truth as I witnessed firsthand just a fraction of what goes on behind the scene. Truth be told, I think I would rather just show up in athletic tights with no shirt and run the 40-yard dash for NFL scouts. That would be easier than everything an agent goes through to make sure he gets what’s best for his client. Come go with me to take a look inside the world of an NFL agent.

As I pulled up to the Athletic Performance Lab located in Katy, Texas, I was greeted by a gentleman that was very mild mannered with a very laid back attitude. We walk through the facility that on any other day you could find top-notch athletes from all sports training. But on this day the only noise that can be heard is the constant ringing of a phone as notifications came across the young man’s phone who was leading me to the “War Room.” That sound is music to a sports agent’s ears, especially during NFL Draft season. I asked the gentleman, “What advice would you give a high school athlete who wants to hear their name potentially called on this day in a few years?” He looks at me and says, “Keep your grades up, work harder than the next person by getting into places like this to improve your skills, and most importantly, and stay out of any controversial or idiotic subject on social media. That is the quickest way for a team to walk away from you.” That is sound advice from one who knows, meet Corey Williams, an NFL Agent.

Williams has always been surrounded by all things football beginning with his hometown of Orange, Texas. Most people outside of the great state of Texas have never heard of the small football factory where Williams grew up but I am sure they know some of its most famous hometown heroes. Do first round draft picks Earl Thomas of Seattle and Kevin Smith of the Dallas Cowboys ring any bells? They come from the same streets Williams grew up playing on. But unlike them, Williams knew going to the pros for football wasn’t in his future. “Growing up, I knew that I didn’t have the athletic prowess to be like Shaq or former Dallas Cowboys OL Larry Allen. So, I decided that I wanted to do something that would afford me the opportunity to be around world class athletes,” says Williams when asked how he got into sports management. After earning his bachelor degree from Prairie View A&M University, he decided that he wanted more and went to law school to become an attorney specializing in sports law and personal injury. He eventually went on to open his own sports management agency, Overtime Sports Management Group LLC, with his business partner William Felix III in 2010.