Hyundai Motor Drives Sustainable Clean Logistics in the U.S. with Vision for Hydrogen Society

 Hyundai Motor Company has unveiled its ambitious hydrogen vision and introduced its clean logistics business in the U.S., powered by the cutting-edge Class 8 XCIENT Fuel Cell electric truck, at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo 2024. This marks Hyundai's third consecutive participation in the ACT Expo, underscoring its commitment to sustainable transportation and its innovative HTWO hydrogen brand.

Pioneering Hydrogen Society with HTWO

During a press conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Ken Ramirez, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Commercial Vehicle and Hydrogen Business at Hyundai Motor, highlighted the company’s dedication to creating a hydrogen society. He emphasized Hyundai's unique capability to leverage cross-industry expertise, spanning hydrogen production, storage, logistics, and diverse applications, to lead a global energy transition.

"Our HTWO brand’s expanding role reflects Hyundai’s unique reach beyond mobility into an integrated hydrogen value chain to lead the global energy transition," Ramirez stated. "We are like no other energy company with roots deeply grounded in mobility, and like no other mobility company with branches reaching far into energy."

photo  Hyundai Motor Drives Sustainable Clean Logistics in U.S. with Vision for Hydrogen Society

Milestones in Hydrogen Commercial Vehicle Projects

Jim Park, Senior Vice President and Head of Commercial Vehicle and Hydrogen Business Development at Hyundai Motor North America, detailed the rollout of the Class 8 XCIENT Fuel Cell electric trucks in key U.S. projects. Last year, through the NorCAL ZERO Project, Hyundai deployed 30 XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks at the Port of Oakland and Port of Richmond, marking the largest commercial deployment of heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell trucks in North America. This initiative is a landmark in decarbonizing port operations and is set to be replicated globally.

HTWO Logistics: A Clean Logistics Partnership

Hyundai Motor and GLOVIS America announced the launch of HTWO Logistics, a new partnership focusing on zero-emission transportation in Georgia. Glenn Clift, Executive Director of GLOVIS America, introduced this partnership, which aims to reduce carbon emissions in inbound and outbound logistics around Hyundai’s new manufacturing facility, Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America (HMGMA).

"Through HTWO Logistics, we will partner with Hyundai Motor to establish a value chain of clean hydrogen production, supply, refueling, and zero-emission vehicles, creating a hydrogen mobility ecosystem in and around Georgia’s Metaplant," Clift explained.

Advancing Autonomous Driving Technology

Hyundai Motor is also collaborating with Plus, an autonomous driving industry leader, to test Level 4 autonomous driving technology on the XCIENT Fuel Cell truck. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, as it is the first time Level 4 autonomous driving technology is being tested on a Class 8 fuel cell electric truck in the U.S.

Enhanced XCIENT Fuel Cell Truck Features

Hyundai continues to innovate with the XCIENT Fuel Cell truck. The new enhancement concept includes a 12.3-inch fully-digital instrument cluster, a 12.3-inch touch screen infotainment system, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) like Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW). These features aim to enhance safety and minimize driver fatigue.

 Building a Comprehensive Hydrogen Ecosystem

Hyundai’s efforts extend beyond mobility into creating a comprehensive hydrogen ecosystem. The Group has developed methods to convert organic waste into hydrogen, exemplified by a pilot project in Chungju, South Korea. This initiative turns food waste into biogas, which is then processed into hydrogen to fuel vehicles, with plans to expand this model globally.

Hyundai Motor’s XCIENT Fuel Cell truck, equipped with Plus SuperDrive™ Level 4 autonomous driving technology, is on display at Plus’s ACT Expo booth (#2044), while Hyundai’s own booth (#530) showcases the XCIENT Fuel Cell truck and digital exhibits of the HTWO Grid solutions.


Hyundai Motor’s vision for a hydrogen society is transforming the future of logistics and transportation. By integrating advanced technology, sustainable practices, and strategic partnerships, Hyundai is paving the way for a clean and efficient hydrogen economy. Visit the Hyundai booth at ACT Expo 2024 to experience the future of hydrogen-powered logistics firsthand.

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