Three-Michelin-Star Chef Corey Lee to Open 'Na Oh' at Hyundai's Innovation Hub in Singapore

In a groundbreaking collaboration, three-Michelin-star Chef Corey Lee and the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICS) are set to unveil a new culinary destination, 'Na Oh,' this June. This unique restaurant will blend contemporary Korean cuisine with cutting-edge innovation, establishing a new benchmark for the dining scene in Singapore.

Na Oh, meaning ‘moving from inside out’ in Korean, is designed to be more than just a restaurant. It will serve as a cultural hub, celebrating Korean cuisine, craft, and design. This venture marks Chef Corey Lee’s first project in Southeast Asia, promising to enrich Singapore’s culinary landscape with his renowned culinary artistry.

HMGICS, the core of Na Oh’s concept, is not just an automotive production facility but a revolutionary innovation hub. By integrating Na Oh within HMGICS, Hyundai aims to transform the visitor experience, merging hospitality with advanced technology in a way that is unparalleled.

A standout feature of HMGICS is its two-story vertical smart farm, capable of producing over 30kg of fresh produce daily. As the world’s first robotics-powered smart farm open to visitors, it will supply Na Oh with fresh ingredients, ensuring a farm-to-table experience that epitomizes freshness and sustainability. This innovative approach connects the realms of food and technology, creating a dining experience that is both refined and unique.

Chef Corey Lee, known for his visionary approach to cuisine, expressed his enthusiasm for this project: “It has been inspiring to bring together the innovation that Hyundai offers at HMGICS with traditional cooking techniques that we have reimagined for the menu. I hope to bring a fresh and new option for Korean cuisine to Singapore, a country renowned for its food lovers. While Na Oh will be a casual family restaurant, we will be serving the same quality products and technical preparations usually reserved for fine dining. I’m excited to make this kind of dining experience more accessible, made possible through Hyundai’s commitment to enhancing the visitor experience at HMGICS.”

Under Chef Corey Lee’s guidance, Na Oh’s culinary team will deliver exquisite hansik cuisine tailored for the modern palate. Drawing inspiration from traditional Korean culinary practices, Na Oh will not only tantalize taste buds but also offer cultural insights through its curated menu and collaborations with Korea’s master artisans.

Na Oh is poised to become a must-visit destination in Singapore, where food lovers can experience the intersection of culinary tradition and innovative technology. The restaurant’s opening in June 2024 is eagerly anticipated by those looking to indulge in a unique dining experience that bridges the past and the future.

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