Chef Corey Lee and Hyundai Motor Group Introduce "Na Oh": A New Era of Casual Dining in Singapore

Culinary enthusiasts, mark your calendars! On June 15, 2024, the culinary world will witness a groundbreaking collaboration as Chef Corey Lee, the acclaimed three-Michelin-star chef, joins forces with Hyundai Motor Group to unveil "Na Oh," a unique dining concept at the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS). This venture promises to redefine casual dining by merging traditional Korean cuisine with modern innovation.

 A Culinary Visionary Meets Innovation

Chef Corey Lee, renowned for his San Francisco-based fine dining restaurant Benu, where he earned his three Michelin stars, is set to bring his culinary expertise to Singapore. Na Oh aims to democratize high-quality Korean cuisine by offering an accessible yet refined dining experience. The restaurant will feature a 4-course prix fixe menu, highlighting the jinjitsang – a traditional Korean meal setting with diverse accompaniments.

"Na Oh" translates to "moving from inside out" in Korean, a name that embodies the restaurant's philosophy of blending cultural heritage with contemporary dining. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a cultural hub that celebrates Korean craftsmanship, design, and culinary artistry.

photo  Hyundai Innovation Center Singapore - Chef Corey Lee's Restaurant

A Seasonal Symphony of Flavors

Chef Lee’s menu at Na Oh will be a celebration of Korea’s rich culinary traditions, reimagined for today’s discerning diners. The inaugural summer menu includes:

Mulhwe: A refreshing seafood dish served in an icy kimchi broth.

Naengmyun: Cold beef noodles with buckwheat noodles made-to-order, served with a broth crafted from dongchimi and long-simmered beef stock, topped with sea-salt-cured beef strip loin.

Samgyetang: Ginseng-flavored stuffed chicken, evoking the nostalgic flavors of homemade broth and slow cooking.

These dishes are crafted using ingredients grown in HMGICS’s vertical Smart Farm, ensuring a fresh and sustainable seed-to-table dining experience.

Crafting Culinary Excellence with Hyundai

The collaboration between Chef Corey Lee and Hyundai Motor Group is a testament to the synergy between culinary arts and technological innovation. HMGICS, Hyundai’s global innovation hub, integrates advanced Industry 4.0 technologies such as AI, IoT, and robotics. This cutting-edge environment fosters a unique dining experience where tradition meets technology.

“It has been inspiring to bring together the innovation that Hyundai offers at HMGICS with traditional cooking techniques that we have reimagined for the menu,” said Chef Corey Lee. “I hope to bring a fresh, new approach to Korean cuisine in Singapore, a country renowned for its food lovers. While Na Oh will be a casual family-style restaurant, we will be serving the same quality products and technical preparations usually reserved for fine dining. I’m excited to make this kind of dining experience more accessible, made possible through Hyundai’s commitment to enhancing the visitor experience at HMGICS.”

 A Culinary Landmark in the Making

Set to operate from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner, Na Oh is poised to become a culinary landmark in Singapore. This venture not only enhances the city’s dining scene but also celebrates Korean culture and the innovative spirit of Hyundai. Guests are encouraged to book in advance to secure a place in this much-anticipated dining destination.

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