Cultivating Success: Paris Williams' Journey From Seeds of Opportunity to Culinary Stardom

Opportunities in life are few and far between, so when one arises, seizing it is paramount. For high school senior Paris Jordan Williams, the future seemed uncertain until Prairie View A&M University presented her with an offer she couldn't refuse. The university, renowned as the "producer of productive people," extended a full scholarship to Paris on the condition she pursued agriculture. Little did she know, this gift would blossom into something truly rewarding.

Though Paris considers herself a city girl, her roots in farming trace back to her great grandfather's farm in North Carolina. Growing up in the Dallas area, she hadn't seriously considered agriculture until PVAMU's scholarship catapulted it to the forefront of her plans.

Navigating her initial years on campus, Paris found herself at a crossroads until the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.® - Delta Theta Chapter recognized her culinary prowess. Cooking, a talent she'd always possessed, became her calling card at PVAMU. When the Sigmas requested her catering services for an event, Paris embraced the challenge and discovered her passion.

photo  Paris Williams/Photos Courtesy of Nicholas Hunt, Prairie View A&M University, Office of Marketing and Communications

“That was 60 people. My first catering event ever. It went well.  It took a lot of work, but I loved it,” said Paris. Her menu consisted of turkey meatball sliders that she hand prepped the night before to ensure her client was getting the freshest of ingredients. “I loved the experience I gave the people and myself.”

With her first catering event a success, Paris realized she could merge her entrepreneurial aspirations with her agricultural background. Her vision? To become both a farmer and a chef, offering homegrown produce to her clientele.

“I can be self-sustainable, teach people about self-sustainability and, at least, help them learn that they can use fresh foods in their daily lives compared to other things that they eat. It is not costly. And it is not hard to do. And food can be delicious too.”

Driven by a mission to revolutionize perceptions of healthy eating, Paris is already gaining entrepreneurial experience, selling plates to students, taking on catering gigs, and immersing herself in the business of food. Upon graduation, she plans to launch a food truck and ultimately establish a farm-to-table restaurant. To hone her craft, Paris intends to intern at Gordon Food Service and enroll in the Lenotre culinary school, all while nurturing her backyard garden.

But Paris's journey doesn't stop there. With PVAMU offering her a platform to shine, she aims to produce her own cooking show, advocate for sustainable eating through programs like Sustainable Table, and continue inspiring others to embrace fresh, wholesome foods.

Reflecting on her time at PVAMU, Paris attributes her success to seizing every opportunity to engage with her peers and faculty. She's committed to paying it forward, sowing seeds of wisdom for future generations to cultivate.

“I believe I am and will be a change maker,” said Paris.

Watch out for Paris Williams, the rising culinary star who embodies PVAMU's ethos of productivity and empowerment. Follow her journey on Instagram through her company, @thegoldplatedco. Also visit