Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s Beat the Heat

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Photography by Vicky Pink - Increasingly high temperatures exacerbate health risks and make air conditioning a necessity for elderly residents. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has partnered with the community, local companies and a number of non-profit organizations for the Congresswoman’s air conditioner “Installation Blitz” providing relief from the heat for Houstonians in need. Partners include the Central South Texas Carpenters Regional Council, Carpenters Local Union 551, Washington & Sons Air Conditioning & Heating Owner Victor Washington, the Sai Group and their volunteers. Congresswoman Jackson Lee has provided heat relief efforts for more than twenty years by reaching out to citizens in need of assistance and providing air conditioning units to local citizens through partnerships with great organizations. Congresswoman Jackson Lee is committed to ensure that Houstonians are safe and cool in one of the hottest cities during the summer season.