NABJ Calls for Action in Fight for Press Freedom and Journalists Protection

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) President Dorothy Tucker will travel to Doha, Qatar in the coming days as part of the organization’s plans to intensify efforts to combat increasing verbal and physical attacks against journalists, including NABJ members, ...

Houston man sentenced to 6 years for stomping an orange tabby to death

A 22-year-old Houston man was sentenced to six years in prison for stomping his girlfriend’s orange tabby cat to death, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced Wednesday.

Senate Drug Plan Helps Government, Hurts Patients

Nancy Pelosi has a plan to lower drug prices. The Speaker of the House just released a new bill that would impose a slew of new taxes and allow the government to meddle with private businesses.

Bureau Chief quits, announces a political run against former boss, current District Attorney

Harris County’s first African American bureau chief of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office (HCDAO) recently resigned to lead a campaign against her former boss and the sitting District Attorney.

Meet and Greet with American Tejano Band Siggno at Pasadena Xfinity Store

Xfinity opened the doors of their Pasadena store Wednesday, November 20, to bring family, friends and fans of Latin Grammy award-winning band, Siggno together for an up close and personal Meet and Greet.

Hurricane Harvey: Reaction, Recovery, Resiliency

Although the city is still helping residents put back together lives that were shattered by the record deluge of rain, national magazines and newspapers trumpeted the news that Houston had bounced back quicker than expected.

Houston City Council Candidate Sues to Hold New Election, Citing Opponent’s Felony Conviction

Questions remain about whether a Houston candidate with a felony conviction is eligible to be on the runoff ballot for a city council seat.

Reform and The Moral Center

"Too radical, impractical, too costly, impossible, can't pass the Senate." Those are the terms centrist Democrats use to describe the bold reform ideas put forth by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic presidential primaries. "Venezuela, socialist, communist tripe, ...

Adoption: Expand Your Family This Holiday

Three to four million children are born in the United States each year. Of that number approximately 7,000 plus are abandoned. Having no family to love them or a place stay they grow up in the foster care system. On ...

When Holidays are Hard

During the holidays, no matter where you turn, you find food, food and more food. From vendor treats filling the office breakroom to celebratory dinners with family and friends, virtually everything and everyone seems to be focused on food. For ...

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Celebrates Thanksgiving 2019 Through Her Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

Jackson Lee—“This annual event helps over 1000 families and individuals realize the holiday by being furnished the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving feast. Let all who will celebrate this Thursday do so with these sentiments, with gratitude for our bounty and ...

Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Complete Communities: Major Accomplishments Since April 2017 Launch

“Every community will be a community of opportunity.” ~ Mayor Sylvester Turner

Rep. Waters Leads House in Affirming the Civil Rights Act of 1866 & its Section 1981

Ahead of the first day of oral arguments in the Supreme Court case Comcast Corp. V. National Association of African American-Owned Media (NAAOM), Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-43) led her colleagues in introducing a resolution that affirms the vital role that ...

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Congratulates Attendees and Successful Applicants From This Weekend’s Job Fair in Cuney Homes with H-E-B Grocers

“The participation rate of attendees at this weekend’s job fair in Cuney Homes was overwhelming. There were close to 100 people who attended and over a third that number—34—signed up for jobs with H-E-B. Furthermore, and indicative of the interest ...

The Right to Vote Is Fundamental to Any Democracy

The right to vote is fundamental to any democracy. Protecting that right -- and making it easier to exercise it -- ought to be a priority across partisan lines. Instead, in states across the country -- particularly in the five ...