Kenny G. Makes Dreams And Nightmares Come True With Mid-Air Concert

Scene: You are on a plane from Tampa to Los Angeles. You have successfully tamped down your air travel-induced anxiety with a Diet Coke and a two-pack of Biscoffs. Things are okay.

United Airlines boots bride and groom traveling to their wedding from half-empty plane

A bride and groom headed to Costa Rica for their wedding Saturday got kicked off a United flight out of Houston following an issue with seating on the plane.

Man Dragged off United flight Has Concussion, Will File Suit, Lawyer Says

The passenger forcefully removed from a United Airlines flight this week has a concussion and broken nose, his attorney told reporters Thursday, adding that the 69-year-old physician will file a lawsuit.

How United Could Have Avoided This Fiasco

United Airlines has admitted it was a mistake for police to forcibly remove a passenger who refused to give up his seat on a crowded plane. Video of the passenger being dragged up the aisle of the plane has been ...

Houston To Dallas In 30 Minutes?

The drive from Houston to Dallas can take hours - but a new type of transportation could help you skip the traffic and get to Dallas in just half an hour.

What To Do In Palm Springs Beyond Coachella

In the '60s, it was a favorite playground of stars like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Doris Day, many of whom have streets named after them now.

Man Dragged Off Plane: 4 Key Questions On United's $800 Mistake

By now, the video of a United passenger being dragged off a flight at Chicago's O'Hare airport has made it around the world and undoubtedly inundated your news feeds. There are a million things to unpack about the incident: The ...

Delta's Meltdown: What Went Wrong

After years of profitability and reliable service, Delta Air Lines struggled mightily last week with two basic functions of its business -- flying airplanes and accommodating passengers.

Travelers’ Opinions Sought on Hot Topics Impacting Travel

To gain the current pulse of the American traveling public, the nation’s largest retail travel agency company has launched its annual, nationwide consumer travel trends survey, asking travelers how many topical issues – ranging from recent terror attacks to airport ...

5 Amazing West Mexico Vacation Destinations

For the throngs of people pondering where to go on vacation this year, Mexico may be a strong contender in your cache of options. If so, you’re certainly not alone. According to the U.S. National Travel & Tourism Office, in ...

Take An Amazing West Mexico Vacation

For the throngs of people pondering where to go on vacation this year, Mexico may be a strong contender in your cache of options. If so, you’re certainly not alone.

Faith & Relaxation: A Weekend on Grand Bahama Island

Explaining the Bahamas to someone as a child is akin to detailing “Fantasy Island”. Your mind immediately begins tip-toeing across images of white beaches, beautiful women and clear blue water. Of fancy drinks and authentic seafood and a general hospitality ...

These Are 4 of the World's Hottest Tourist Destinations

What are the world's hottest travel destinations? Mexico, Iceland and Cyprus all experienced a surge in tourism spending in 2016, according to a new report from the World Travel & Tourism Council. The group's report also contained something of a ...

American Airlines to Launch Free Meals On Coast-to-Coast Flights

American Airlines is dishing out more free perks. The company said Tuesday that it will offer free in-flight meals to all fliers on trips between Los Angeles and New York and San Francisco and New York beginning May 1.

Mexico Grand Hotels Announces The Addition of Two New Restaurants to Their Unique Dine Out Plan

Los Cabos Hotel Group Now Offering More Culinary Experiences to Guests Without Burning a Hole in Their Wallets