Texas Girl's Whataburger Quinceanera Wins the Internet

Her name is Evelyn Lopez Terrazas, but after her quinceañera on Saturday, her friends are calling her the "Whataburger Model."

Happier, Healthier Holidays

The holidays are filled with temptations and opportunities to over-indulge, and if you’re managing your health and weight, the season can feel anything but merry.

On A Mission: Souper Bowl of Caring Holds Annual Fundraiser and Awards Luncheon

Who knew that in 1990, before Super Bowl 24 was played by the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos, that an organization designed around young people to help fight hunger, poverty, and homelessness in the United States would be started ...

More Than Half of All African-Americans Have High Blood Pressure Under New Diagnostic Guidelines

Well over half of all African-American adults will be classified as having high blood pressure under new streamlined diagnostic guidelines released this week, illuminating the heavy burden of cardiovascular disease in the population.

Introducing Besado Platinum Tequila

Made with premium,pure blue agave tequila, Besado Platinum is a tequila liqueur that is multiply-distilled, charcoal-filteredand delicately infused with Ginseng, Damiana and Maca Root. Individually these herbs are grown and commonly used in Mexico, Central and South America and China, ...

Former DJ-Turned-Entrepreneur Finds Success With Her Homemade Peanut Butter and Jams (Music Jams, That is!)

PB&Jams is a Black-owned company in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whose founder, Megan Gibson, took an American favorite -- peanut butter -- and grew the idea into a successful business. Her business specializes producing many different kinds of nut butters that ...

EPA Approves 'Killer' Mosquitoes to Combat Disease

The federal government has approved a new bio-engineered "assassin mosquito" that could help diminish the wild mosquito populations that carry infectious diseases like Zika, Dengue fever and yellow fever by targeting reproduction, according to a recent report in the science ...

A Comforting Breakfast to Savor this Season

As the busy holiday season approaches, take time to relax and make family memories with a delicious breakfast at home. Bringing loved ones together doesn’t always need to involve an elaborate gathering. Sometimes, a warm, cozy morning meal is all ...

Ayesha Curry Bringing New Restaurant to Houston in 2018

Come 2018, Houston will be home to a new restaurant owned by Ayesha Curry. The NBA wife, who has a growing resume, already has business deals with Cover Girl and Food Network.

Downtown Aquarium Celebrates Thanksgiving with Family-Friendly Buffet

It’s time to eat turkey, and cranberries too… Just like the pilgrims used to do! Families are invited to the Downtown Aquarium to gobble up some delicious food at the Thanksgiving Buffet on Thursday, November 23, with buffet seating times ...

Men's Health Gets the Silicon Valley Treatment

For nearly a decade, 26-year-old entrepreneur Zachariah Reitano had only talked to one person about his erectile dysfunction: his doctor, who also happened to be his father.

McDonald's Offers Veterans and Current Military Free Extra Value Meal on Veterans Day

HOUSTON, TX – Participating McDonald’s restaurants in the Greater Houston Area will honor military servicemen and servicewomen with a free Extra Value Meal this Veterans Day, Saturday, November 11. Veterans and current members of the military are invited to enjoy ...

There Are Health-tracking Wearables for Babies, Too

In their Atlanta home, 6-month-old Avery giggled and rolled on his piano mat, kicking his tiny feet into the air, while his mother, Crystal King, quietly checked his temperature on her cell phone.

Coca-Cola® Releases Commemorative Championship Can to Celebrate the Houston Astros World Series Victory

In celebration of the Houston Astros’ triumphant 2017 World Series win, Coca-Cola® is giving Astros fans a refreshing way to savor the sweet taste of a Championship.

More Than 20 Dairy Queen Closings Include Two In North Texas

More than two dozen Dairy Queen restaurants, including two in North Texas, are closing because of financial effects of Hurricane Harvey and a sluggish oil market, multiple news outlets reported Wednesday. The owner, Vasari LLC, based in Irving, included the ...