Top Places to Get Your French Fry Fix On

Easily one of the weaknesses of any food lover must be a batch of hot, golden, crispy French fries. That’s one of the ways McDonald’s rosed in popularity. But that was kids’ stuff (no shade McDonald’s you will always be the original king of fries) compared to the gourmet delicacies being served today. Fries are not merge side dishes adding to the shine of entrees. No, fries have taken the main stage and have become the star. Chefs are becoming more and more creative everyday as they take the average French fry from just salt and pepper to some of the most interesting toppings that continue to blow this writer’s mind.

I couldn’t possibly name all the great places dishing out fry creations. However, I did mention a few below that I fav. Tell me your fav place to get fries on any of HSM’s social media accounts. Just search Houston Style.


The French Fry House - fries are their specialty

The French Fry House

5740 S Wayside

Houston, TX 77087



Potatoes shine brightly on this Black owned business’ menu that loves to top baked potatoes and chicken just as much as they like to top fries. Choose from Mango Habanero Cheese and Bacon fries, Hot Cheetos & Cheese fries, Orange Asian Glaze with cheese fries and, the grand one of them all, shrimp & crawfish etouffee fries. I know that last one just made your jaw drop.


Hopdoddy - Choose regular potato or sweet potato fries and go wild with toppings and be messy with it. Fries are not to be eaten with a fork.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

8 locations in Houston and surrounding areas

*449 19th Street Suite D-100, Houston, TX 77008

*5510 Morningside Drive Suite 100, Houston, TX 77005

*4444 Westheimer Rd Suite H100, Houston, TX 77027

*798 Sorella Court Suite 199, Houston, TX 77024

*10403 Katy Freeway Suite 100, Houston, TX 77024

*142 Vintage Park Blvd Suite A, Houston, TX 77070




Have your choice of regular potato fries or sweet potato. Once that hard decision is made, Hopdoddy makes it even harder with unique toppings as green chili queso, parmesan truffle, hot honey, and sage. The chefs here know eating fries is like wanting potato chips, “you can’t eat just one,” so they serve them in a big silver bowl giving you the freedom to be as neat or messy as you won’t when devouring these treats.


Tornado Burger - Let's you have your fries basic or top them how you like them

The Famous Tornado Burger-

505 FM 1092 Rd.

Stafford, TX 77477



The folks at The Famous Tornado Burger of Stafford, who are the symbol of freshness, believe in choices so instead of giving you their fry creations they let you make the decision. Start with your fresh cut fries and let your imagination run wild with topping like fresh or pickles jalapenos, garlic parmesan, spicy sauce, feta, bacon, or chili & cheese. The choice is literally yours!


The Waffle Bus - Giving the french fry new purpose as a bun

The Waffle Bus

1540 W. Alabama St., Houston, TX 77006

1835 N. Shepherd Dr., Houston, TX 77008





I am always a sucker for a waffle fry. Even though they have been around they just seem different. The Waffle Bus seems to specialize in different with these golden tic-tac-toe boards of goodness. I know these potato creations from their famous Waffle Bus but now there is the option to eat at their brick-and-mortar location. Back to the fries. Their waffle fries come in all sorts of ways. There are fryders, which have replaced the buns on all the sliders they served. Another entrée option are the waffle & fries where the options are chicken thunder fries with buttermilk fried chicken, and hot mess fries with cheddar mac & cheese. Then for dessert there are sweet waffle sandwiches that are topped with Nutella bananas, strawberry Irish crème brulee, s’mores, chocolate, cookie butter and more.


Frenchy's Fried Chicken - You can't show the fries without showing the chicken. When Frenchy's start cooking the smell of these delights is in the air for miles just drawing you closer.

Frenchy’s Chicken and Checkers

Frenchy’s Fried Chicken

11 locations

Original – 4646 Scott St., Houston, TX 77004




No need for all those topping, just a little seasoning salt will do. That is what Frenchy’s Chicken gives potato lovers. This Houston Third Ward staple has been tossing potatoes and cutting them up so they can sizzle in that hot oil and be sprinkled with their special season.


Checkers - Can you see that golden crisp batter? Now imagine eating it.


5 locations in Houston






Whereas Checkers has their own brand of 15 spices to distinction themselves too but then the fries are dipped in batter. Customers can go one step further to load the fries up with garlic parmesan.

These are just a few places. We all know in Houston you can get your fries with just salt and pepper at the drive thru to being real fancy with truffle at an upscale restaurant. People love potatoes and love to top them with their favs. Get your fry fix on Houston!