Exclusive Interview: David Banner Gives Us The Rundown On 'Never Heard' Movie and Chimes In On Houston Rap Scene

Keandra "Ke Ke" Scott Tatum | 10/25/2018, 6:15 p.m.
Let go and let God handle it, the Never Heard movie cast is gearing up for a one-day only movie ...

HSM: What are some things you had to do to prepare for your character as Aaron?

David Banner: Uh, baby, I come from the back roads of Mississippi, I saw this everyday of my life. My step-father has been in my life since I was 3 years old. Who I call father [because he has always been a father figure]. It's funny that the film is called, Never Heard, because I've never heard my father. I know about love not just for the young kids around me but the older generation. I'm able to take the love I have for my people and shift the energy into my roll.

HSM: What was it like working along side the other actors?

David Banner: There were levels to it. James Fortune was also in this film, he is a phenomenal artist and actually he is a great friend of mine. I've been knowing Kandi Buruss for over 10-15 years. Romeo Miller is such a respectful young man. He grew up around wealth, and he really doesn't have to be this way. You can tell [Miller] was raised really well. Robin Givens still looks good. People like to get up and front. I would catch myself staring (he laughs). Although I've done over 22 films and even though I don't doubt my greatness, people put me under a microscope. It's important to put on for my people and deliver my character.

HSM: You are always seen in the communities here doing philanthropic work and showing love to the scene. What is your stand-point on the surfacing old heads vs. new heads feud here in Houston?

David Banner: This is my advice, first of all, no one owes you anything. It's great to seek help, I think that sometimes people think because a person is where they are from [they have to seek guidance from them], but I will say, respect goes both ways. First of all we all from the south. It ain't gonna always be all peace. This is one thing I will say about Atlanta, [since a lot of other southern cities compare themselves to the city], If two artists had beef in Atlanta they kept it in the city. I think some of things have to be handle behind doors. Other races love seeing us fighting each other. I just think if it is a real problem, everyone wants to be mobsters, but nobody wants to be gentlemen. The world looks to us. Especially with us old heads, we have to set an example. [We have to be apart of the solution in helping to prevent the younger rappers coming up from killing and shooting each other].

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