[Interview] Watch The Duck talks ‘The Trojan Horse’ EP and Shows Love to Houston

WTD: Oh, wow (laughter).. It has been a while since the guys shared the story.. That came through interning at Columbia Records for a Destiny's Child [project]... We were attending Alabama A&M University at the time and invited Matthew Knowles to speak.

Ke’Ke: If there was anything about Houston you could take with you to every city you visit or live in the future, what would it be?

WTD: The women.. (lots and lots of laughter).. Kim Son's orange chicken.

KeKe: “Everyone sees the Duck traveling smoothly on top of the water, but no one sees how hard he’s kicking under it to stay afloat.” That’s deep. Do you remember where you all were and how did you all get the inspiration for the group name Watch The Duck?

WTD: It started as a phrase we used to describe [certain situations in the music industry], we were in London, England at the time.

Ke’Ke: Who are some of your musical influences present day and past?

WTD: It’s all over the place, really...The early days as far back as we can remember, Outkast to the entire dungeon family, Goodie Mob, NERD, Prince, James Brown (just to mention a few the spoke of)

Ke’Ke: You guys have an eclectic EDM sound, what do you all call it?

WTD: Oooo, we try not to call it anything, because we don't want to limit what you would call it... the vibe is mirror music, you get what you see, some people listen to it they hear soul, funk.. we haven't given a title, just because titles are limiting.. At the same time we are not picky about what other people are calling it...

Ke’Ke: Do you feel like your hometown plays a part into your music?

WTD: Our hometown is responsible for our sound.. we're almost like a dump off state, Georgia comes to us, Texas comes to us, Florida comes to us... Alabama is like a good melting pot of soul.. It’s everything we do..

Ke’Ke: How does The Trojan Horse EP differentiate from your other projects?

WTD: We wanted to make a party, but a party with songs... We literally wanted to bring a festival to everybody [with songs like] "Beautiful Broken & Wasted" and "Lost Future", you get a completely different experience in a car from a club from the same song..

Ke’Ke: What was it like working with Pharrell on “Stretch 2-3-4” and on your project?

WTD: It was a great experience... You get in the studio with Pharrell and it's like a party of tribe.. Pharrell is like a Curtis Mayfield..

Ke’Ke: Did you guys do some work for Bey on "Why Don't You Love Me"?

WTD: .... wow, yes.. we produced "Why Don't You Love Me" for Bey, under the group name, Bama Boys at the time.. We thought it may have been a little too dancy for her [at the time]... we were still experiencing with our sound.. I remember that day, she actually played the song for us... that was an awesome day... A real good day... It was like a confirmation for us.