Get Your Taco and Tequila Fix at El Big Bad

It’s just a hop, skip, and jump to downtown Houston and get served at what is known as the “world’s largest Infused Tequila bar with 70 plus infusions, fresh juice margaritas, cocktails and scrumptious food.” El Big Bad, located at 412 Travis Street, is open seven days a week serving lunch, brunch, and dinner to the crowds that waft in, or have made this place their regular spot.

It’s no secret that Mexican food and this writer are engaged in a romantic partnership for several years as of today. Over time my taste buds have developed a warm affection for everything spicy and delicious. However, after many years of enjoying the delectable bites of South of the Border cuisine, there is a taco that almost made me yell “Uncle, and bring me six more!”

The “Al Pastor Borracho” made with Achiote and pineapple marinade, tequila pineapple salsa, cilantro, and cabbage is the spiciest and most flavor filled pork taco that I’ve had ever. The amount of heat combined with the citrus gave this taco a unique flavor profile that after the first bite, all I could say was “Wow!” The “Pollo Tinga,” which is the chicken taco made with shredded chicken, chipotle tomato marinade, cilantro, smoky crema, and garnished with crispy chicken skin, did not disappoint me either.

Furthermore, the flavor of each taco intensified as I drank the Cranberry Margarita that disappeared slowly as the chicken and the pig made their exit as well. There are not enough words to describe how good something tastes when the flavors come together perfectly; the sweet and the sour are so balanced to the alcohol ratio that one can identify everything that is getting gulped down the culinary pipe. Across the table, my guest enjoyed a House Margarita and Oyster Nachos. The oysters are prepared in a crispy cornmeal batter and topped with tobiko, which is fish roe.

According to Facebook, 28,000 people have checked in there, which made me curious to see what others had to say about El Big Bad. One reviewer wrote, “OMG my husband and I finally made it and are bringing back more people. I loved it. The location has good scenery. Inside the restaurant has a chill fun atmosphere and the staff is super cool friendly. As to the customers, you can dress casual or sexy. Food suggestions, Chicken Enchiladas, Lawd help me!”

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