Pretty Powerful Women: The Evolution of the Female Entrepreneur

Demez White | 10/31/2013, 5:33 p.m. | Updated on 10/31/2013, 5:33 p.m.
“Leaders of the future will have to be visionary and be able to bring people in - real communicators. These ...

“Leaders of the future will have to be visionary and be able to bring people in - real communicators. These are things that women bring to leadership and executive positions, and it's going to be incredibly valuable and incredibly in demand.” -Anita Borg

Our society has very much evolved over the years, you can sit on a beach in Cabo and take college courses in Washington D.C. We can predict the weather six months out and wage wars without ever putting one American life at risk. The world is literally changing every single day. In most ways.

A vast majority of this country and this world still likes our women being mothers, wives, running charities and cooking dinners while the men take over the world. That’s evident in the salary differentials in not only corporate America but in most industries. Where in some cases women make as much as 30% less despite the fact they are graduating college and professional degree programs at incredibly high rates.

Some of it may be sexism, some may be unintentional but more than anything there’s a way to beat it. If you can’t get the job you’re interviewing for create a new and better job than the one you’re interviewing for. If you see the company you work for isn’t progressive, start a company that is.

Madeleine K. Albright in one of her most famous speeches said, “There is a special place in hell for women that do not help other women.” For the women of Pretty Powerful Ink, helping each other and other women is something they were born to do.

Shunte Jones

Shunte Jones

Shunte Jones

“I have no competition.” Shunte Jones says these words with not a hint of arrogance. How does a woman that comes from a modest family in Marshall, TX and attended an HBCU on a Rodeo Scholarship walk into the male dominated finance industry and set records like acquiring the most new clients in 10 weeks?

It all started with a plan. Shunte Jones has a degree in agricultural economics, not a household name when it comes to college majors. That degree however allowed her more money for college and opened doors that a regular economics degree alone couldn’t.

“I tapped into a base that no one in this city and probably State was tapping into. African Americans are graduating college with engineering degrees making 83k a year and just like me they didn’t grow up around money so they didn’t know what to do with that money. How to protect it, how to invest it. These people were my friends, my classmates, the market was wide open. Before me I don’t think most of my colleagues even knew black people had money.”

Shunte isn’t shy about wanting to make money, if you ask her she’ll tell you the more money she makes for her clients and the better she makes their financial situations the more referrals she gets. It’s more than that though, outside of the power suits and confidence lies a woman that wants to change lives.