Walgreens Brings Fertility Education to Houston

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 7/31/2013, 2:51 p.m. | Updated on 7/31/2013, 2:51 p.m.
A child is a heaven sent gift. Due to a number of infertility issues, it is a gift that many ...

A child is a heaven sent gift. Due to a number of infertility issues, it is a gift that many women long for. Mothers-in-waiting Walgreens has heard your pains for motherhood and your cries to share your love with baby and wants to help make your dreams of being a mother a reality. Recognizing the difficulties of getting and staying pregnant Walgreens has now begun to offer fertility education at select stores throughout the country. One of the stores happens to be in our own backyard at Memorial Hermann Tower, 929 Gessner Road.

“Walgreens recognized an opportunity to better serve patients in Houston by providing specialized fertility pharmacy services for women having trouble conceiving,” said Tia Vinet, PharmD, Walgreens health systems pharmacy manager. “Our specially trained pharmacy teams have an excellent knowledge of fertility treatments, medications and potential side effects. We also provide a full range of complimentary patient support services including one-on-one counseling, 24/7 support from pharmacists and nurses, and interactive educational tools.”

Patients who take advantage of fertility education offered by Walgreens will be enlighten about various obstacles associated with infertility such as taking medications and financing fertility therapies. “We start by providing a personal fertility insurance benefits assessment and handling complete coordination of those benefits so that patients understand what types of treatments are covered.” Dr. Vinet continued, “Our pharmacist also meets one-on-one with each patient to provide instruction on taking and managing fertility medications.” In a private, confidential setting Walgreens pharmacists train patients on how to properly administer medications and even send them home with an instructional CD. “The addition of expanded pharmacy services for infertility treatment offers patients a high-touch, personalized and specialized service from a pharmacist who can also be an integral part of their care team. We know how stressful the fertility treatment process can be, so we’re available around-the-clock to answer questions and provide support,” added Dr. Vinet.

Health insurance and coverage can be a huge barrier for some mothers-in-waiting since some insurance don’t cover infertility issues. Walgreens has an answer for that as well with their Fertility Pharmacy Care Card. “The Fertility Pharmacy Care CardSM helps patients without health care insurance save money by providing discounts that are offered through specific pharmaceutical companies for their fertility products,” explained Dr. Vinet. Again, this card is only available at select Walgreens locations. Patients can call Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy at (800) 424-9002 for information.

Walgreens is sensitive to the needs of their customers and just wants to assist in allowing them to have the best life possible. “Our aim is to provide patients with compassionate care and expert support, helping them achieve their goal of conceiving, with as little stress, and as few side-effects and medical concerns as possible,” expressed Dr. Vinet.

For years Walgreens has been and still is America’s trusted pharmacy. With this new fertility educational program they are expanded their reach even further to meet their customers’ needs so that they can live well. For more information about Walgreens fertility education services please call (800) 424-9002 or visit www.fertility.walgreens.com.