I Just Found a Gift Certificate

Spring cleaning is always a good thing.

You find a lot of dirt when you’re scrubbing the corners of your house. You find a better mood when everything’s clean and tidy. And you find things you thought you’d lost and things you never remembered you even had.

Like gift certificates left over from December.

Uh oh.

So you got a bookstore gift certificate and you don’t know how to use it. Why not check out these great books….


If a good romping romance with a dose of drama sounds good to you today, then look for “Close Quarters” by Shamara Ray. This is a book about two roommates – she’s engaged and he’s a jerk – and what happens when they realize that they really can’t live without one another.

The Underground Railroad is the setting for “The Last Runaway” by Tracy Chevalier. When a young Quaker girl moves to Ohio for a new life, she is drawn into helping the effort to spirit former slaves to freedom. And speaking of running away, check out “My One Square Inch of Alaska” by Sharon Short. It’s the story of a young girl who runs away from a life she’s yearned to escape, packs up her brother and his dog, and heads to a long-time dream way up north.

Fans of quirky mysteries will love “The Man Who Turned Both Cheeks: A Novel” by Gillian Royes. This sequel to Royes’ first book picks up with Shad Myers, unofficial lawman and bartender for Largo Bay. Shad is in the midst of turmoil that may – or may not – save his little community. You’ll find more turmoil in “The Guilty One” by Lisa Ballantyne. It’s a novel of suspense, in which a London solicitor takes on a crime that’s possibly been committed by a child. Can he keep his own bad memories from tainting the solving of this case?

One of my favorite authors has a new book out: “Live by Night” by Dennis Lehane. Set in the Roaring Twenties, this is a book about gangsters, Prohibition, and one man’s life in the underworld. Coming from Lehane, you know it’ll be good.

If you’re more of a short-story fan, then look for “Could You Be With Her Now” by Jen Michalski. This book contains two novellas: the first, a sort of mystery-thriller; the second, a story set within a relationship that raises eyebrows.


If you love a good step back in time, then look for “Successful Farming: Traditional Methods and Techniques for Every Farm” by Frank D. Gardner. This thick, thick book takes a good look at all kinds of farming and gardening, the way it was done in Grandpa’s day – which makes this book perfect for reminiscing.

Ever wonder what you’re made of? “The Violinist’s Thumb” by Sam Kean takes readers on a ride inside. You’ll learn fascinating things about genetics, DNA, and how it shapes each individual who ever lived – including you! Pair it up with “The End of Men” by Hanna Rosin, a book about how the “stronger” sex is slowly being dominated by the world’s women.