Summer Staple, Fall Favorite: The Maxi Skirt

Lindsay Buchanan | 8/30/2012, 9:32 a.m.
Oh, August: the sweltering days of summer are quickly fading into the cooler, breezy temperatures of autumn. Stylish gals all ...
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Oh, August: the sweltering days of summer are quickly fading into the cooler, breezy temperatures of autumn. Stylish gals all over the country are polishing their boots, pre-ordering fancy fall coats, and unraveling their scarves in anticipation for the traditionally fashion-forward Fall season.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite time to pull that box of favorite sweaters from your closet shelf just yet. First comes the pre-season ritual that strikes fear into every fashionista’s heart: transitioning.

Transitioning from warm-weather to cold-weather clothing can be a stressful and sometimes even emotional experience. No one wants to part with their favorite summer show-stoppers – mini-skirts, shorts, breezy cotton dresses – but, it’s not cool enough outside yet to wear the denim, leather, and knits that make dressing in cooler months so much fun. Luckily, the increasingly popular maxi skirt is a perfect transitioning tool.

The maxi skirt is an ideal closet staple for summer and fall; it is characteristically constructed with summer-ready lightweight fabrics, but its length provides full coverage and warmth on windy days. Depending on the material and outfit extras you choose, the maxi skirt can be styled for hot or cold days.

When it’s sunny and warm outside, throw on a tank top or a lightweight blouse with a silk-blend or polyester skirt. On chillier days, opt for a cotton or wool-blend version. Layer the look with a tucked-in, streamline, long-sleeved top and a statement necklace, or wear a cropped jacket over one of your favorite t-shirts.

Maxi skirts go with everything, and they can be worn for any occasion. Dress it up with heels, go for a boho-chic vibe with wedges and a chunky necklace, or make it a little bit rock and roll with a faux leather jacket, a rock tee, and bold accessories.

Beware: the key to pulling off a maxi skirt is all about proportions. Since the skirt often flares out in a full hemline, it’s important to wear a slim-cut top tucked in to keep your figure looking long and lean.

During this time of pre-season grief, give the maxi skirt a chance. This multi-faceted wardrobe wonder could prove to be a top contender in your closet…at least until it’s finally time to pull out your riding boots and comfy cashmere sweaters.

Happy transitioning!